Jacob Black’s Story of the “Cold Ones”

The story takes place in La Push, a town roughly 20 miles out of the town of Forks, Washington and is located on the Pacific coast near the Quileute Indian Reservation. Legends of the tribe date back before records were officially kept. The stories were passed down from generation to the next, the Quileute Legends were told and retold and have remained a vital part of the Quileute's heritage. Let me share one of these tales with you. Long ago, … [Read more...]

Twilight’s “The Cold Ones” Be Affraid

The Cold Ones The popular Twilight series is based on the legend of the Cold Ones. Commonly referred to as vampires, the Cold Ones, are mythological creatures that have existed, and been historically noted, throughout history in all parts of the world. Cold Ones are Nomads Because they are nomads, it is rare for the Cold Ones to travel in covens larger than two: a male and female pair. This is because the more members that exists in a coven, … [Read more...]

List of Twilight Characters

Main Characters in the "Twilight" Book Series Stephanie Meyer's "Twilight" is the first in a long line of books of romance novels whose target audience is young adults who enjoy a little bit of vampire with their displays of affection. The book was the number one selling book in 2008, and it introduces readers to wide array of characters that are both personable and engaging. Isabella Swan, also known as "Bella," is the 17-year old main … [Read more...]

Twilight Saga Leads to Forks, Washington

Twilight is the first of a series of fantasy/romance films based on the novels written by Stephanie Meyer about a teenage girl named Bella, played Kristen Stewart, who moves from Phoenix Arizona to live with her father in Forks, Washington. Life is boring in Forks, Until one day Bella has her life saved by a ridiculously attractive boy, Named Edward, played by Robert Pattinson. Right from their first meeting, Bella is completely enamored with … [Read more...]

Bella Swan of Twilight

Bella Swan is the heroine of the book and movie series Twilight. Bella chooses to leave sunny warm Phoenix, Arizona to live with her father Charlie in Forks, Washington. Bella loves Phoenix and doesn’t enjoy the rainy weather that Forks enjoys. She makes this decision for the benefit of her mother Rene who has remarried and needs to travel with her new husband for his job as a minor league baseball player. Bella’s mother took her away from … [Read more...]

Twilight “Breaking Dawn” Release Date

Well, "Twilight" fans get ready, the release date for the most anticipated vampire film series in history has finally been announced, and it looks like "Twilight" fans are going to have to wait until November 2011 for their first glimpse of the final movie. That is a good thing though, because absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Actually it might be a bit misleading to call the November 2011 Breaking Dawn movie release the final movie … [Read more...]