Vampires – Are they really monsters?

Vampires - Do we really see them as monsters? Vampires always fascinated us, it is an undeniable fact. And after the frenzy that the Twilight Saga has created, do you still wonder why? It's not so hard to guess. First of all, vampires are the only pretty monsters, don't we all agree. It's kind of hard to find an interest in fur-covered or rotten or simply rotten creatures (although werewolves have stepped up a notch lately and I am a big … [Read more...]

My Twilight Facination with the Macabre

“About three things I was absolutely positive….first Edward was a Vampire, second there was a part of him, and I don’t know how dominant that part might me which thirsted for my blood…..and third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him” These were the sentences capturing my mind after I turned the last page of the novel. It was unbelievable that the novel was finished and I was still mesmerized in the magical world of the story … [Read more...]

Quileute Vampire or Not

High school isn’t that every kids dream? Eww not even for a witch. Yeah I just said the word witch. That’s because I am one. yep that’s right Bonnie the witch fantastic isn’t it? I know you don’t believe in vampires, werewolf’s, and witches but to tell you the truth that’s all real. So to get on with the story let me tell you something witches are never supposed to do. Witches and vampires can never fall in love ever well……that’s what I … [Read more...]

Twilight, All My Love, Passion and Desire

Why I Fell in Love with 'Twilight' When I first heard about Twilight, I thought wow, another vampire book. My friends kept on asking me, did you read that book Twilight. So one day I went to my school library and checked out Twilight. I felt as if I was actually in Bella's situation. I read that book in one day. The next day when I went back to school and told everybody that I read the book. I went back to the library and checked out New Moon. I … [Read more...]

Twilight High – The Invitation

My Version of Twilight "Hi my name is Wolf", I attend the La Push High School, I’m the head cheerleader and the most popular girl in school, just kidding. The truth is I am not the most popular girl in school and I did not get on the cheerleading squad. Anyway,one day, I went to my locker and found an invention inside it said “You are invited to the coolest party ever. From Alexia”. "What!", Alexia is the most populargirl in the school, why … [Read more...]

Girl Claims, “I’m Team Jacob’s Biggest Fan”

I'm Team Jacob's Biggest Fan Twilight is my passion. I live, breathe, eat and sleep Twilight. It may sound weird, but I kinda wish I was becoming a vampire or werewolf. I have had dreams of what it would be like. How they describe it in the story, they don't like it; but I would MAYBE enjoy it. Who knows? I'm obsessed with the series. I have read Twilight 6 times, New Moon 14 times, Eclipse 5 times and Breaking Dawn 3 times. If you couldn't … [Read more...]