Anna Kendrick plays Jessica Stanley in Breaking Dawn

Anna Kendrick is a well-acclaimed Broadway actress. She was born in 1985 and began acting at the age of ten years old. She is a beautiful brunette who lights up a room with her smile. She has appeared in several movies and stage productions. She is one of the youngest actors to have been nominated for a Tony Award. She has also been nominated for a Fany award and a Drama Desk Award. She appeared in the musical The Marc Pease Experience where she showed off her singing ability. Two of Anna’s most well known rolls have been as Natalie Keener in Up in the Air and Jessica Stanley in the Twilight Saga movies, Breaking Dawn.

Anna Kendrick Twilight

Anna Kendrick

Her role as Jessica Stanley has made her a familiar face with much of America. Jessica is the first female friend that Bella meets when she moves to Forks, Washington. Jessica talks all the time and becomes Bella’s friend the first day she is in Forks. She is known as the school gossip since she knows everything about everyone at school and in Forks. She makes it known that she thinks the Cullens are beautiful, but strange people and that she has a crush on Edward. She seems disappointed that he never gives any of the girls at school the time of day and makes that fact known to Bella.

Jessica is one of those types of girls who wants to be popular and liked by everyone. Because she is so bubbly and happy most people do like her even though they get annoyed at her. She is very popular because she knows everything about everyone.

Jessica has a good time with Bella at the beach and also asks her to go prom dress shopping. She thinks it cool when Edward ends up with Bella that evening and since she is the school gossip makes sure Bella knows to call her the next day.

Jessica is extremely boy crazy and also likes Mike Newton. She ends up going to the Prom with him. She is annoyed sometimes that Mike has a secret crush on Bella but she remains Bella’s friend. She and Mike date for a while but break up sometime in the summer and remain friends.

She is excited for Bella when she starts to date Edward, but later on appears to be a little jealous or maybe concerned about Bella’s relationship with Edward. She is a bit shocked that he actually likes Bella since he never gave any of the girls in Forks the time of day.

After Edward leaves Forks Jessica becomes upset with Bella because she completely ignores her friends for months. She reaches out to Bella, but Bella ignores her so Jessica becomes indifferent to Bella. When Bella finally starts speaking to her friends again, she acts very odd. Jessica gets angry with her because she is doing things that are dangerous and risky. She is not glad to have her as a friend anymore.

Jessica’s bubbly attitude changes in time. She is not as bubbly and happy as she was at first. She is more serious. She and Bella never really become friends again but they do learn to get along with each other.

Anna does a great job portraying Jessica and makes the character a lot of fun. Even though she is a gossip and rather annoying she is a popular character in the story because Anna makes her annoying, but cute.

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