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Well, “Twilight” fans get ready, the release date for the most anticipated vampire film series in history has finally been announced, and it looks like “Twilight” fans are going to have to wait until November 2011 for their first glimpse of the final movie. That is a good thing though, because absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Actually it might be a bit misleading to call the November 2011 Breaking Dawn movie release the final movie release in the “Twilight” saga because, guess what? Breaking Dawn is going to be split into two movies, and most people, including Taylor Lautner, believe this is a great idea. According to CBS News, Lautner told MTV on November 23rd, splitting the film is “the right thing to do”. “It’s hard enough to condense 500 pages into a script, but to condense 800 and everything that’s going on in ‘Breaking Dawn’, it would have been impossible”, he continues to say.

Well that is awesome news to anybody who has been following the films because splitting the movie into two parts will allow the writers to focus way more on the details of the story. As anyone who has read the books and then watched the movies afterward has noticed, there are always parts of the book that have been left out of the movie. That is only because there is only so a certain level of detail the director and writers can allow without making a movie that is way too long.

The Kiss Breaking DawnAs if the release date and news that “Breaking Dawn” will actually be two full length feature films is not enough, a new director has been named to the project, an Oscar winning director at that. Bill Condon won an Oscar with his film “Gods and Monsters” and also won critical acclaim as the screenwriter and director of “Dream Girls”. I know, these films have very little in common with the “Twilight” saga and in particular the story of “Breaking Dawn”, but Condon has proven himself in Hollywood as having the ability to take on challenging projects and turn them into pure gold. That is exactly what “Breaking Dawn” needs, an ambitious, talented, and proven director with a fresh vision and the ability to focus more on the detail in the book and translate that onto the big screen. With everything this next film has going for it, it is going to be hard to wait and see. There is already lots of speculation among fans and bloggers about where exactly the producers are going to split the films, and it definitely will be fun to anticipate this.

Sure, there are fans out there that are upset because they are going to have to wait another year or so to see the film and even longer to see the second installment of “Breaking Dawn”. Those feelings are certainly understandable, but if the crew was rushing through the filming just to get the movies out faster the quality would suffer. It should be exciting to fans that they are going to focus their energies on the film for a whole year, it will definitely show in the quality of work.

Breaking Dawn Teaser Trailer

Breaking Dawn Love Quotes

[Jacob to Bella:] “What was the point of me loving … you? What was the point of you loving him? When you die…” (10.59)

[Jacob:] This was the problem with hanging out with vampires … – you got used to them. They started messing up the way saw the world. They started feeling like friends. (14.185)

[Jacob:] All this mandatory love-at-first-sight was completely sickening. (8.24)

[Jacob:] …there was no question [Bella] was in love with her vampire past the boundaries of sanity. (14.11)

[Jacob to Bella:] “Why do you always have to love the wrong things, Bella?” (10.156)

[Edward to Jacob:] “Goodbye Jacob, my brother… my son.” (37.224)

[Leah to Jacob:] “Even though I don’t think too much … of her, I’d probably do the same as the bloodsucker.” (16.140)

[Bella to Jacob:] “If feels… complete when you’re here, Jacob. Like all my family is together.” (15.144)

[Bella:] So Renesmee was untouchable because of the way Jacob … felt about her. I tried to concentrate on the relief of this fact rather than the chagrin, but it wasn’t easy. (23.33)

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