Duskeah Tattoo Stained And Cooked Children

Duskeah would tattoo stain decorative patterns on the children.   She would push the bone needle all the way through the arm or chest, and would kill them.   Kweeti visited her one day, and stated, "My sister, I want you to tattoo stain my arm with figures, but only the skin, not through the arm, or else I may die.  " She did it properly. "Now let me do it for you," Kweeti offered up. He held the bone needle and began to prick the … [Read more...]

Witchery Way of the Navajo Skinwalker

Most societies have folklores and legends of witches, werewolves, Sasquatch, and creatures that walk amongst us. The Navajo Indians or Deni' people have Skinwalkers. They are those who trot along here and there on all fours, those who change skins depending on powers they seek, those who follow the 'Witchery Way', the ones that the Navajo people defer from talking about for fear of reprisal. The Skinwalkers are the Witches Witch, the Highest … [Read more...]

Quileute Indian Legends

Quileute Legends and Tales Here is a summary of some of the Quileute Tales you will find on this site: Kweeti - In the olden days Kweeti travelled all over the earth. The first person he encountered was a white man. At that time the whites were ignorant and did not know anything. Kweeti taught this man how to dig metal and many other things.  Soon he came to know everything that white people know now. Duskeah - Duskeah used to tattoo … [Read more...]

Navajo Skinwalker

Hunt for the Skinwalker I was gripped with fear at what I was watching in the headlights of the car. At first it seemed to be a un-clothed man shrouded in some sort of an animal hide. A violent storm was raging and the rain was falling in buckets as I concentrated focusing my eyes in on the figure not ten feet in front of the car. There was a flash of light and what followed can only be described as 20 minutes of pure terror that left both … [Read more...]

The Lazy Boy Who Became A Whaler

In Quileute Legends there is a story about Sexdate.  At one time there was a young man, named Sexdate, who was lazy and Jobless. Due to this fact he only received the tail-part of dried out salmon for his meals.   His older brother's wife brought him the salmon, which he would arrange into a small basket that he had concealed under his blanket. One day his brother and sister-in-law journeyed to Ozette, and left the young man at … [Read more...]