Twilight, All My Love, Passion and Desire

Why I Fell in Love with 'Twilight' When I first heard about Twilight, I thought wow, another vampire book. My friends kept on asking me, did you read that book Twilight. So one day I went to my school library and checked out Twilight. I felt as if I was actually in Bella's situation. I read that book in one day. The next day when I went back to school and told everybody that I read the book. I went back to the library and checked out New Moon. I … [Read more...]

A Nocturnal Love Story

Im BONEY... 21YRS of age n am doin ma engineering in electronics final year.From de very 1st day of ma colg lif i fell in luv with a gal called ANJU. i even nw don know wat attracted me towards her.Was it her smile,character??? whatever... bt de only thing i know was dat i am in luv.. In India, especially in kerala a small state, n of corse a guy from a small village doesnt probably hav de guts 2 propose a gal lik her. Bt ma mind went aftr … [Read more...]

Under the Sea Quileute

Mermaids, quite far to tackle, mermaids are underwater creatures, fantastic creatures and suitable for a new character in the next saga. like vampires and werewolves, mermaids are also mythical and aside those information that we can gather through our internet, vampires really was originated because of mermaids. in reality ([lets leave those fantasies]) mermaids aren't the pretty thing undersea. they are like a scary creature and have sharp … [Read more...]

The Phone Call

“Steph, can you come down here, please?” My mom’s voice echoed up the stairs. “I’m coming.” I shouted back down. I took the steps two at a time. “What?” I asked her. She was sitting on the couch, legs crossed. My eye sight swept the room quickly, scanning for something I might have forgotten to do. I noticed Dad wasn’t in the room. “Where’s Dad?” I asked absent-mindedly. “He’s with Grandma.” She answered. “Okay? Is something wrong?” “Sit down, … [Read more...]