Quileute are the Native American Indians living in the western Washington state in the United States. They have a small population of around 750 members. They are also known as the Quillayute. Upon signing the Quinault Treaty in 1855, they settled onto the Quileute Indian Reservation which is located at the mouth of the Quillayute River on the Pacific coast. La Push, Washington is the main population center of the tribe. Their Language … [Read more...]

Stephenie Meyer’s Day in Forks

Lodging in Forks With the release of  Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga,  Forks has become the best place to visit for Twilight Fans.   Mark September 13 on you calendars, which is Bella's birthday, each year many fans come to celebrate the Stephenie Meyer's  Day in Forks. The Twilight landmark sites to see include the Forks High School,  Forks Outfitters,  Forks Hospital,  La Push and many other locations.    If that wasn't enough get your … [Read more...]

Sportfishing La Push Olympic Peninsula

Fishing is one the best sports anyplace. With the vast assortment and types of fishing to cast and many species to hook and catch, one can easily find something they like in La Push, Washington. Sportfishing, in the  area, has become very popular. Three charter companies operate in La Push.  Surf fishing can also be had on the beaches.  Fishermen in the area catch salmon (Chinook, coho, and pink) and bottom feeders, such as rockfish, … [Read more...]