The Quileute Tribe Werewolf Legend

A Quileute Wolf Experience I am a Quileute werewolf. Who would've thought that the stuff made of legends was the truth? Not me, that's for sure. If you grew up on the reservation, you've heard all of the stories; you've heard all of the tall tales. About the cold ones who were different from the rest of their kind, who came to Quileute lands in hopes of forging a new life. The Quileutes didn't take that very well, and a treaty was made - albeit … [Read more...]

Quileute Legends – Monsters of Boulder Peak

Monsters that Cry in the Woods In Quileute Legends, there is a legend about how Boulder Peak was made by K'wa'iti.  It is a boundary marker between Quileute and Elwha Territories.  Using piles of stones he created the boundary and when finished marked it as a wolf marks his territory. A monster lives  in the woods of the Quileute Territory in Sol Duc.  There he found a dark cave and made it his home using sticks and brush to hide the … [Read more...]

Vampires – Are they really monsters?

Vampires - Do we really see them as monsters? Vampires always fascinated us, it is an undeniable fact. And after the frenzy that the Twilight Saga has created, do you still wonder why? It's not so hard to guess. First of all, vampires are the only pretty monsters, don't we all agree. It's kind of hard to find an interest in fur-covered or rotten or simply rotten creatures (although werewolves have stepped up a notch lately and I am a big … [Read more...]

Books for Quileute Legends

Quileute Legend - Books Click the Image Link for more information. [amtap book:isbn=0806135522]The Native tribes of Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula share complex histories of trade, religion, warfare, and kinship. Yet few books have depicted the indigenous people of this region from a Native perspective. "Native Peoples of the Olympic Peninsula" introduces readers to nine tribes: the Elwha Klallam, Jamestown S'Klallam, Port Gamble … [Read more...]

Bluejay and His Companions

Bluejay and his chief, with Land Otter, Beaver, and another man, used to go out seal-hunting together. In the same house with them, but at the other end, lived Grouse. Grouse was a widower with a lot of children, and he spent most of his time in the woods building a canoe. Every trip that the five men made, they caught five seals, very fat ones; but they gave nothing but the poor, lean parts to Grouse. Bluejay was at the bottom of this, and … [Read more...]

Quileute Words

With Native American languages around the world being lost, preserving the Quileute language is important. Today the Quileute tribe's put forth efforts not only save the language, but reinvigorate it: "[In 2007], the Tribal Council set up a two-year Quileute Revitalization Project with the goal of encouraging the use of Quileute words and phrases in everyday village life. A basic vocabulary of greetings, questions, numbers, names of things, … [Read more...]