The Quileute Legend Website

Quileute legend may contain on occasion customary customs of day-to-day life and even comprise spiritual or mythic elements. In the beginning, the Quileute had no form of writing so every legend had to be communicated orally from generation to generation so as to preserve and record their history. There can be both a moral and psychological theme to the work, in addition to entertainment value, depending on the nature of the storyteller, … [Read more...]

Kweeti and the Wolves

Once there was a wolf who always hunted on the beach for hair-seals, whales, or anything else he could find. One day he wandered further than normally, and arrived at a house where he discovered a man living all by himself. His name was Kweeti. He came in and flopped down a duck, saying, "Keep this, while I hunt some more!" Kweeti said, 'Very well, you may leave it there. I'm very sick." Near dark the wolf came in again, and said, "I'll stay … [Read more...]

Quileute Wolf Myths

“I smell blood” exclaims a quileute wolf as he struts away in hunt of flesh imagine the surprise when he wanders upon “The Cold Ones” (twilight vampires) their skin shimmering in the sunshine nearly blinding reflecting the sunlight.  Additional wolves come as the pack once more recovers its strength in shear numbers. Undiscouraged by the presence of werewolves the vampires resume feeding upon a freshly killed elk. The wolves surround them and a … [Read more...]

War Between The Quileute And Ozette

Quileute Legend In Quileute Legend, in the past there was a war between the Quileute and the Ozette (Eyii'-elat). A Quileute man lost all his brothers in battle. He retired to a hill on the northern side of the mouth of the Quileute river, and cried at that place. That night there was a full moon, and the nights were very clear. On one of these occasions he viewed something in the river, with several animals swimming about it. At sight of … [Read more...]

The Origin of Elks

According to Quiletue legend,  a long time ago when elks were men. They decided to throw a potlatch and invite all the wolves, since they used to kill young elk If they wandered off from the house to play. The elks had a very large house; but they consulted collectively, and decided to do without houses and simply live in the woods. They gathered much pitch-wood, which they went to split up. Then many of them invite the wolves. It took them a … [Read more...]

Kweeti Created Quileute From Wolves

In the "Time of Beginnings",  Kweeti traversed the whole world. The first person he met was a white man. At that time the whites were innocent and un-educated. Kweeti taught this man how to dig metal (mammook mola) and many new things. Shortly he came to know everything that white people know now. In addition, Kweeti said to the white man that when he chose to marry, he must claim only one wife and not pay for her. Kweeti next came to Beaver, … [Read more...]