Leader of the Pack – Wolf Girl

Do you believe in the Quileute Legends? If so keep reading, if not keep reading. I used to live in La Push and  I had many friends. But soon I had moved away. And I hadn't got the money to fly over to see my friends. But after a few years I collected enough money to get a plane ticket. When I arrived my best friends mother had picked me up. We drove through La Push. I couldn't see my best friend. I then asked his mom. She told me that he was … [Read more...]

Jacob Black’s Story of the “Cold Ones”

The story takes place in La Push, a town roughly 20 miles out of the town of Forks, Washington and is located on the Pacific coast near the Quileute Indian Reservation. Legends of the tribe date back before records were officially kept. The stories were passed down from generation to the next, the Quileute Legends were told and retold and have remained a vital part of the Quileute's heritage. Let me share one of these tales with you. Long ago, … [Read more...]

Quileute Storytellers

Quileute Stories Native American cultures spread out across the Great Plains of North America recite stories.  These stories are as old as humankind and are passed down generation to generation around camp fires.  They survive in our Contemporary living rooms during holidays and additional gatherings, when we take part in family customs and share family stories in very much the same way that the Quileute storytellers learned their stories by … [Read more...]