Twilight Volturi Vampires and Bramstocker’s Dracula

The Hunger for Blood Why does the idea of a vampire sucking one's blood so offend our sensibilities? Extreme hunger in the past has forced people into committing canabalism. We, as humans, are carnivorous and eat other species. Still, when vampires are portrayed, the innate horror is felt by humans just observing it, as in a movie. One has to go further into the motivations of the creatures to come closer to understanding their aberrant … [Read more...]

Don’t Mess With the Volturi Edward Cullen

Edward Cullen warns Bella Swan early on in “New Moon,” that you don’t want to provoke the Volturi. However, that's exactly what Edward plans to do when he later believes his sweetheart has bit the dust. What are the Volturi? In Stephenie Meyer’s ubiquitous Twilight universe they are a sort of vampire ruling class led by a trio of three thousand year old dudes: Aro, Marcus and Caius. They live on a lavish estate in the Italian city of Volterra … [Read more...]