Leader of the Pack – Wolf Girl

Do you believe in the Quileute Legends? If so keep reading, if not keep reading. I used to live in La Push and  I had many friends. But soon I had moved away. And I hadn't got the money to fly over to see my friends. But after a few years I collected enough money to get a plane ticket. When I arrived my best friends mother had picked me up. We drove through La Push. I couldn't see my best friend. I then asked his mom. She told me that he was … [Read more...]

Twilight’s Biggest Fan

When I first saw Twilight I thought it was really interesting. The reason I was so interested in it because I am a Native American and I love reading and watching films about Native American stories and folklore. The funny thing is that most of it was true except the whole Vampire part. What is more interning is the fact that the author makes you wonder. Some questions you might ask yourself while thinking about the Twilight Legends … [Read more...]

Night Prowl – A Vampire Vinx saved an Angel From Heaven

The full moon hung high in the sky like a shimmering star. Young Gretchen Keirok a vampire-vinx was hiding in the shadows not revealing herself to the outside world. She absolutely loved the moon. Especially the full moon. It was like a diamond. A glistening diamond. Years ago, during the Civil War; Gretchen saved an Angel From Heaven his name was Casper. When Siernna the Dark Princess found out she gave Gretrchen a second chance. However, … [Read more...]

List of Twilight Characters

Main Characters in the "Twilight" Book Series Stephanie Meyer's "Twilight" is the first in a long line of books of romance novels whose target audience is young adults who enjoy a little bit of vampire with their displays of affection. The book was the number one selling book in 2008, and it introduces readers to wide array of characters that are both personable and engaging. Isabella Swan, also known as "Bella," is the 17-year old main … [Read more...]

Twilight Soundtrack Review

For those of you who have seen the movie Twilight; the Twilight Soundtrack will cause and create a recall, as you listen to the tracks you'll revisit the scenes from the movie. The tracks are composed of a mixture of new sounds that seem to be darker, harder with a hint of anger, just what the vampires ordered.  Just like the vampire I devoured the Twilight Soundtrack and had a thirst for more.  For those who'd like to listen I added the playlist … [Read more...]

Twilight, Vampires on Film

The amazingly popular Twilight series has captured the hearts and minds of the theatre going public. The twilight vampires are portrayed as beautiful. In the sunshine they glisten and sparkle. In the movie, Twilight, Bella tells Edward that he is beautiful and that he sparkles like diamonds. In this movie series vampires can go out during the day if as long as it is not sunny. They are always seen on gloomy and overcast days. In other movies, … [Read more...]