Vampires Spotted in Schools Across America

Vampires have been sprouting up in unusual places since the release of Stephenie Meyers Twilight Saga. I recently received a report as of yesterday by a girl only identified by her first name of Taylor that vampires are roaming the halls of Westwood Middle School in Gainesville. I usually don't pay much attention to such reports but given the specifics of the case has given me pause for thought. Just what do these vampires want? She stated … [Read more...]

Night Prowl – A Vampire Vinx saved an Angel From Heaven

The full moon hung high in the sky like a shimmering star. Young Gretchen Keirok a vampire-vinx was hiding in the shadows not revealing herself to the outside world. She absolutely loved the moon. Especially the full moon. It was like a diamond. A glistening diamond. Years ago, during the Civil War; Gretchen saved an Angel From Heaven his name was Casper. When Siernna the Dark Princess found out she gave Gretrchen a second chance. However, … [Read more...]

Edward Cullen is an Apotamkin

Edward Cullen is not a Navajo Skin-walker For those who have seen the movie "Twilight" or read the Twilight Series books, by Stephanie Meyer, you are familiar with the teenage vampire Edward and his vegetarian vampire family. In the books and the movie, the Quileute Indians that are natives to Forks refer to Edward as an "Apotamkin". According to the Quileute legends and history in the movie and books, the Apotamkin are devilish creatures who … [Read more...]

Twilight’s “The Cold Ones” Be Affraid

The Cold Ones The popular Twilight series is based on the legend of the Cold Ones. Commonly referred to as vampires, the Cold Ones, are mythological creatures that have existed, and been historically noted, throughout history in all parts of the world. Cold Ones are Nomads Because they are nomads, it is rare for the Cold Ones to travel in covens larger than two: a male and female pair. This is because the more members that exists in a coven, … [Read more...]

Unconditional Hunger of Vampires

An unconditional hunger, such hunger a vampire must feel.  A thirst that can only be quenched by the blood from their human victim, such power at such a cost.  Being forced to live in coffins by day and to wander in search of blood by night, forever. Such beauty, in the end just a cold embrace for another.  Vampires are suppose to be beautiful and graceful creatures, but in the dark shadows the attack is quite savage.  The horrors of vampires … [Read more...]