Twilight High – The Invitation

My Version of Twilight

“Hi my name is Wolf”, I attend the La Push High School, I’m the head cheerleader and the most popular girl in school, just kidding. The truth is I am not the most popular girl in school and I did not get on the cheerleading squad.

Anyway,one day, I went to my locker and found an invention inside it said “You are invited to the coolest party ever. From Alexia”. “What!”, Alexia is the most populargirl in the school, why would she invite me to her halloweenparty oh,well.

As the bell rang, meaning it was lunch and I have to go meet my friends for a normal lunch period. By the time I got to the table where all my friends were, they were all done eating.

“Sorry that I’m late but, that line took forever!”,“ Thats o.k. Wolf we still love you” said Cierra, “especially Jacob” said Quil teasingly, “shut up” yelled Jacob and shoved Quil on to the ground. Everyone started laughing even Quil laughed, it was funny, “Jacob it’s fine, since when does any body listen to Quil anyways”, “yeah” said Quil.

Quil paused for a minute and said “hey!” Then everybody broke out in laughter. When the bell rang at the end of the school day I was so glad to be out of the classroom. “Wolf, wait up” someone was yelling, “hey Wolf”, “hey Nikky.” Nikky is one of my friends, I’ve known Nikky for like ever.

Twilight Party - An Invitation

Twilight Party - An Invitation

Let me tell you what she looks like, she has long brown hair, piercing brown eyes that are behind glasses, she has full pink lips, and she has an attitude that always comes through them. Anyway, back to the story, Nikky walked up to me and we started talking until we had to split up because we go on different buses, damn the school for making us go on different buses, also damn them for putting Jacob on my bus, this is going to be a long ride home.

to be continued…

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