Quileute Vampire or Not

High school isn’t that every kids dream? Eww not even for a witch.
Yeah I just said the word witch. That’s because I am one.

Twilight Jacob's Bonnie

Twilight Jacob's Bonnie

yep that’s right Bonnie the witch fantastic isn’t it? I know you don’t believe in vampires, werewolf’s, and witches but to tell you the truth that’s all real. So to get on with the story let me tell you something witches are never supposed to do. Witches and vampires can never fall in love ever well……that’s what I did. I was stupid enough to fall in love with a vampire. Want me to tell you the story of how? Or are you already to scared because I said the word vampires? Well too bad keep reading. Ok, here I go. One day I was writing in my diary and here is what I wrote.

Dear Diary,
Today something awful is going to happen I just know it.
Oh never mind diary you know how I get with being a you know what. I get carried away with my visions. So as you know I’m writing in the cemetery. Like always. Wait I just heard something and don’t say I’m being paranoid!

So when I got up and started walking, I saw a figure a couple miles away from me so I got ready for an attack. Oh I forgot to tell you I have special powers yeah I can see the future, read peoples minds, shape-shift, sense danger, contact the dead, and last but not least make up spells. Well the tall dark, handsome figure was moving closer. Oh did I have to kill him? I stepped up and got ready to fight but the man put his hand up and shot fire. I ducked real quickly and threw a fireball back. It missed the tall figure by like 2 inches. Man was he quick. Before I knew it he had me on the ground and I knew I was defeated. Before I let him kill me I raised my voice and said STOP!!! And for some reason he listened. My name is Bbonnie and I don’t want to fight cause for one you’re winning and two I have no reason to.

Jacob Jacob what are you doing kill her don’t talk to her. But for some reason Jacob couldn’t resist her. I’m sorry Bonnie let me help you up.

Twilight Fanfiction Jacob

As I helped her up our eyes meet one another and it was like we were connected somehow. Let me introduce myself I’m Jacob night. Nice to meet you again I’m Bonnie spell. So Jacob what are you doing here? I can ask you the same question miss. I was writing in my diary if you must know. I answered your question so answer mine. I live beyond those trees I was heading towards town. If you must know. Ha-ha. That’s not funny said Bonnie. Ok, chill want to come with me? I don’t even know you. Sure you do we just meet lets go. You know you want to.
Bonnie didn’t know what to do. A part of her said stay away he is dangerous and another said go you deserve a good looking guy. I decided I would go. Walking towards town me and Jacob were bonding, half way to the mall we were holding hands. I would remember this day forever. It was the best ever!!! Until the bonding ended when my best friend Elena Spellman showed up. She was a witch too. I introduced Elena to Jacob and I was really confused the way she looked at him. I used my powers to talk to her so Jacob wouldn’t hear.

Elena what’s wrong? Bonnie you’re dating the night world’s son. WHAT he can’t be a vampire no he can’t!!! I’m sorry Bonnie but yes he is and you know the rule you can’t love him. Well Elena I’m sorry to I don’t care vampire or not I would die for him! Bonnie you can’t break the rules!!! Elena those are vampire rules not ours! BONNIE!! When are you going to grow up? NEVER.

Jacob come on were leaving. Is something wrong? No Jacob just it’s hot I want to leave the mall please do it for me. Ok, see you Elena right it was nice to meet you. Ya it was a great pleasure said Elena.

When Bonnie and Jacob were out of the mall they went back to the cemetery were they had met. Bonnie said Jacob what’s wrong? Jacob I have to tell you something and please whatever you do promise you won’t take off or get mad. I can’t make that promise Bonnie. Ok whatever I know you’re a vampire….wait how do you….let me finish. I’m not just a human I know about night world. And as you know about my world, spellbound. Oh my god you’re a witch?

Jacob don’t you dare walk away. Jacob was halfway to where he said he lived before I yelled “JACOB STOP’!!!!!!! It worked he stopped.

Jacob old boy not again why do you listen to this witch? This only happens in your world when you fall in love. That’s it I was in love with her. A witch go figure. Night world’s prince and spell bound’s princess. It was forbidden love. Just like Romeo and Juliet. As Jacob slowly turned he saw Bonnie on the ground head in her knees and she was crying. Oh no she can’t cry it hurts to see her sad. “Bonnie” Jacob said as he came beside her and held her and quietly kissed her on top of her head. I’m sorry I was a jerk to you and I won’t ever be again will you ever forgive me? Bonnie started to lift her head up and smile and she said “if you must know” I will always forgive this stubborn vampire. They both started laughing and hugging each other. Bonnie I want you to know no matter what happens I will always love you. And as I will always love you said Bonnie.

But as they said that the earth began to rock and there Bonnie and Jacob were in night world. Oh no were in big trouble!!!! Don’t worry Bonnie remember always we will have are love and no one can take it from us! SO DAD IF YOU HEAR ME I WILL NOT GIVE UP WITHOUT A FIGHT ME AND BONNIE ARE SOULMATES FOREVER!!! And in that moment Jacob grabbed Bonne’s arm and bit her. He slit his arm and Bonnie drank his blood. That was when they were truly bonded.

So now they were together forever. They were surrounded by Jacob’s father’s army. they need to call for back up. Bonnie used her witch powers to contact spellbound people and in a flash almost everyone from her town was there to help. And Jacob contacts his friends from night world to come and fight. We kissed and began to fight. Jacobs’s father came after me with a sword and I didn’t move quick enough and I fell I could feel the pain and I screamed. That was the last I remember.

BONNIE!!!! Jacob screamed and he charged at his father and in the fight he got hurt only a cut though.

You stupid stupid boy said Jacob’s father. You could have had it all night world. An you choose to be with a witch how sweet but I’m afraid im going to have to kill you son.

Not if I kill you first father and Jacob lunged at him and hit the heart. I’m sorry it came down to this father but I love her so this is goodbye. As Jacob step over his father’s dead body, he couldn’t feel Bonnie’s aura. That was a bad sign! BONNIE JACOB SCREAMED!!!! He saw her slight movement on the ground behind him. He raced across dead bodies to get her. When he got there she didn’t look to good. Bonnie I can save you but only if you want me to. Just do what ever so I’m alive I need to be with you forever. Ok hold on this might hurt.ha said Bonnie I’m already in pain. Jacob touched his lips to her throat and bit her.

Bonnie screamed!!! Its ok bonnie Jacob said you will be okay you will be special half vampire/half witch. King and queen forever just you and me. Just you wait and see.

To be continued

by Kimberly

age-13 and loves quileute vampires!!!!!

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