Girl Claims, “I’m Team Jacob’s Biggest Fan”

I’m Team Jacob’s Biggest Fan

Twilight is my passion. I live, breathe, eat and sleep Twilight. It may sound weird, but I kinda wish I was becoming a vampire or werewolf. I have had dreams of what it would be like. How they describe it in the story, they don’t like it; but I would MAYBE enjoy it. Who knows?

I’m obsessed with the series. I have read Twilight 6 times, New Moon 14 times, Eclipse 5 times and Breaking Dawn 3 times. If you couldn’t tell, New Moon is my favorite! I am TOTALLY team Jacob. My friends tease me all the time because I like him so much! We actually had a debate in school – by we, I mean me and a couple of my friends – about the good and bad things about Jacob and Edward; I was the only one sticking up for Jacob.

Team Jacob's Biggest Fan

Team Jacob's Biggest Fan

I’m WAY into acting. I have been begging my parents to give me a chance, to take me to a few auditions. But unfortunately, it won’t happen for a few years, if it even happens at all. My dad has recently broken his neck. It has been expensive and we are barely keeping up. We manage somehow, though. I can just say this; Christmas wasn’t as fun this year. But, I have been doing EVERYTHING possible – in the little area that I live it – to be in plays, musicals, etc. I am planning on auditioning at an Opera House in a month. They always have a huge production with a lot of people. I do school plays, am in band, and in chorus. My main reason for wanting all this is for me to have a chance to meet the Twilight stars (preferably Taylor Launter). I love them all and it’s my dream. I know, that is A LOT of people’s dreams. But I’m doing what I can and praying hard.

Lately, I have been reading Quiluete legends all over the Internet and in different books. I have read the one they tell in Eclipse OVER and OVER again. I have halfway memorized it. The Quiluete Tribe fascinates me. I have asked my dad, my grandma, my grandpa and aunt (all from dad’s side – my mother’s side is completely Bohemian) if we Had any Quiluete blood in us. They told me “no”. I really wish I could find some way to prove them wrong, but they know better than I do.

So, I hope you pick mine to win – though the money doesn’t matter too much – because I have been wanting to tell someone how strongly I felt about Twilight without getting weird looks, though you could be making some right now and I have no idea.
Thanks a lot, all my Twilight love,
– Lindsey!

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