The Unseen

Have You Seen a Vampire?

Don’t know how to start with, but since childhood I’ve been fascinated by ghost stories and myths. I am from India, a land of folktales and myths and this Twilight thing has given a new meaning to my outlook…I feel that there exists amongst us some kind of power which is unseen but sometimes felt when you’re walking down the street all alone, when You feel you’re being watched or followed.

Twilight Real Vampires Exist

Twilight Real Vampires Exist

We might think that these legends and myths are just farcical but their very existence till date inspire in us to explore the unseen. We might not be brave enough to express it freely, but we all believe that there is an omnipresent power that rules and governs our senses, the power that helps us differentiate between right and wrong, good and bad.

In this age of technology and scientific growth no one is concerned with these kind of discussions..they just take it as a medium of entertainment without realizing the fact that their existence in itself define that where there is good there is evil too….if there is God then there is the Devil too. Now its up to us what path we choose.

I feel vampires still exist. There is no concrete evidence but what will you say when you hear people disappearing without a trace, mysterious deaths and so on. They might not be strong enough to come into the limelight, obviously that would endanger their existence…but they are out there somewhere…..thriving and waiting.

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