Duskeah Cooked Children

Duskeah would tattoo children.   She would push the bone needle all the way through the arm or chest, and would kill them.   Kweeti visited her one day, and stated, “My sister, I want you to tattoo my arm, but only the skin, not through the arm, or else I may die.  ” She did it properly. “Now let me do it for you,” Kweeti offered up.

Duskeah Flames - Quileute Monsters

Duskeah Flames - Quileute Monsters

He held the bone needle and began to prick the skin.   Then all of a sudden he poked it through her arm, between the bones.   Duskeah yelled with pain, and died shortly afterwards. Duskeah would establish a pattern of carrying away children, assembling them together in one spot, and then cooked them.   She would put gum on their eyes, so they couldn’t watch what was befalling them.   The place where she cooked the children was at Yakalis Creek, up Quileute Run. All their belongings which have since turned petrified might still be found there.

On a special day she had the stones all fired up for cooking.   The children were standing up close to the fire, but they could not see because of the gum.   One of the girls warmed up her hand so to Weaken the gum and pry it loose, so as to see.   She observed Duskeah dancing. At the same time she continued singing, “The fire is getting hot.”   While, in her dance, she came near the girl, and the girl pushed Duskeah into the open fire.

Duskeah flamed up rapidly, since she had so much gum and pitch around her.   She was completely wrapped up with it.   The girl now opened up her eyes fully, melted the gum off all the children’s eyes, and so saved them all.   They all then headed home to their parents.

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