Under the Sea Quileute

Mermaids, quite far to tackle, mermaids are underwater creatures, fantastic creatures and suitable for a new character in the next saga. like vampires and werewolves, mermaids are also mythical and aside those information that we can gather through our internet, vampires really was originated because of mermaids. in reality ([lets leave those fantasies]) mermaids aren’t the pretty thing undersea. they are like a scary creature and have sharp teeth, they aren’t the colorful thing undersea, they are the cheating color. they can change their color from black to white only.

Twilight Mermaid

If i were to decided what kind of character would be very suitable for the next saga of twilight, i would prefer to have mermaids. mermaids can be attracting and it can give lots of twist in a story just like how they look deceiving. base on what i chose as a title (undersea quileute) there’s nothing to complain whether if mermaids are part of quileute because vampires are also not part of quileute! stephenie meyer just include vampire for the sake of the plot!((no offense)) so even mermaids can do,right? i was just trying to say that impossible mythical creature like vampire was added in a legend that was impossible to happen, it means even this fantastic creature(mermaid) can do! they could make a mermaid that can turn into a human being or a human being that accidentally turns into a mermaid in a certain time and anything they think can do.

You know i also imagine to convinced the readers and the owner of this domain to use a dragon or susuitL or the deer lady but when i think about it, the only perfect seen i can imagine is the deer lady and the mermaid, with these, it made me do something interesting like making my own version of eclipse using those 2 kinds of mythical creature. at first i was favorable of the deer lady because its feature is perfect for the used plot but when i read both of my stories i realized that “wow!! mermaids are fantastic!” because of the ending part i made. well even you wont use that i prefer those creatures because of the physical sight they have. vampires are fast and have some illusionary powers and wolves has this kind of transformation and speed while mermaids they just plainly have nothing but live peacefully in a undersea world that would be perfect in the scene. like vampire and mermaid relation. guys i hope you can imagine what kind of masterpiece can be built with my suggestion, never judge anything because you think it is stupid, everything can be worse but something has a hidden beauty like my suggestion ๐Ÿ˜€ . thanks for reading and hope you like it.

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