Quileute Indian Reservation

Mount Rainier National ParkThe serenity and pristine beauty offered by sparkling beaches never fail to mesmerize any traveler who has the knack for sea voyage and adventure. Lush rainforests are another exciting treat. Combine these two in a beautiful package and you get a haven that everybody thinks is fictional. But such place really does exist. Any traveler would love to see the beauty of Quileute Indian Reservation.

This nature’s paradise is located in Clallam County of Washington State, which in turn could be found in the Olympic Peninsula. The western part of the Olympic Peninsula is famous for some of the richest and most underdeveloped temperate rain forests in the world. This includes Quinault, Hoh, and Queets. In the central part of the peninsula are the Olympic National Park and the Olympic National Forest. These places are perfect for camping and hiking.

Covering 594 acres, which is about one square mile of the entire land, the Quileute Indian Reservation lets you enjoy your newly found connection with the environment. Not only does the place boast of a dense rainforest valleys. Alpine meadows crowned with glaciers and puzzle-like shorelines also flourish in the place. Because the Quileute Indian Reservation has a lot of tourist attractions, some of the best fiction writers have included the place in their works. The most famous of those works is the global sensation ‘Twilight’ series by Stephanie Meyer. Jacob and Billy Black as well as Leah, Harry and Seth Clearwater are some of the characters who are Quileute in origin. Another fictional writer who has chosen the Quileute Indian Reservation as playground for ‘Saving Cascadia’ is John Nance. He included a Quileute Quiet Zone in the fictional area Cascadia Subduction Zone. Although the Quileute tribe only plays a minor role in Nance’s book, the beauty of the place made the book more vivid. In 1991, Susan Sharpe, another fictional writer, chose to incorporate language and culture into the everyday life of an eleven-year-old boy by attending a Quileute tribal school.

Aside from the Quileute Indian Reservation, another attraction can be found in the Olympic Peninsula. This is the Quillayute River — the current, traditional and ancestral center of the territory of the Quileute Native Tribe. It is formed by the convergence of the Soc Duc River and the Bogachiel River. This river empties to the Pacific Ocean at La Push, Washington. Since the Quillayute is one of the main rivers on the Olympic Peninsula, you can expect that it has a massive drainage area. But due to some unusual naming arrangement, the river officially ends at the convergence of Bogachiel and Soc Duc. But in reality, the river continues to flow and covers a larger territory.

You will not feel any hassle or worry when you opt to stay at the Quileute Indian Reservation. Camping and picnicking facilities, public parking spaces, cabins, and trailhead access to the coastal wilderness are aplenty to make you enjoy your vacation.
If you love the beach, rainforest, and other nature attractions, pack your bags and make your way to the Quileute Indian Reservation. Reading its pristine beauty in books is never enough. Come to the place and experience it first-hand.

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