The Quileute Tribe Werewolf Legend

A Quileute Wolf Experience

I am a Quileute werewolf. Who would’ve thought that the stuff made of legends was the truth? Not me, that’s for sure. If you grew up on the reservation, you’ve heard all of the stories; you’ve heard all of the tall tales. About the cold ones who were different from the rest of their kind, who came to Quileute lands in hopes of forging a new life. The Quileutes didn’t take that very well, and a treaty was made – albeit against the Quileutes’ better judgment. The cold ones were our pack’s entire reason for transforming, after all. Quileute werewolves were put on the Earth for no other reason than to protect the Quilete tribe from the vampires, both evil and “good” alike. They are the reason our werewolf pack is around, which makes them both a blessing and a curse.

Legends of Quileute Werewolves

The very first time I made the change, I was scared out of my mind. But along with that fear was something deeper: a sense of power at the senses that were gained and honed due to the change; a sense of pride that I was one of the few who could eventually hope to master such a change; discomfort due to having to learn to maneuver with a whole new body – a larger, furrier frame, at that. Aside from these feelings, there was also that sense of something clicking into place. To many people, this ability would’ve been outlandish or impossible, but in my community it’s an honored ability.

Not everyone can master the change right away. There are days, even weeks that we constantly go back and forth from human to werewolf unintentionally, making it dangerous to be around us unless you know how to handle it. There are only a few people who truly do know how to handle it. The rest just think they do, but unintentionally trigger a change because of their reactions, whether it be fear or something else. Not only that, but due to the change in my frame, it also rips any clothes I might be wearing at the time of change to shreds, so it’s not exactly a public-friendly ability. I do what I can, though. And the fur isn’t fair weather friendly – then again, living in Washington, you don’t have to worry about too many hot, sunny days. The good thing is that if I can keep my human hair short, my coat tends to stay short, as well.

Once you can somewhat control the change – I say somewhat, because for most of us, all it takes is a strong flare of our emotions, usually anger, to make us change involuntarily – it’s an exhilarating ride. Not only can I see for what seems like a few miles, but I can run faster than anything on Earth. Doing laps around the forest is nothing, but it’s my favorite past time. Watching everything go by in a blur, knowing there’s no danger of running into anything is a powerful feeling.

There’s the change in our body heat to deal with, too. And the gain of appetite. While those don’t seem like bad trade offs compared to what I get in return, sometimes I miss piling on blankets while I’m sleeping. And I have to wonder, once the vampires are gone, am I going to have this ability forever? If I don’t, what happens if and when they come back? Do I have to struggle through the change all over again, learn control again? Like I said earlier, it’s both a blessing and a curse.

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  1. I’am a wolf fan my self.

    • exw psaksh polla gia vampire kai gia likanthropous de leei an einai mia sugkekrimenh alitheia η ena sugkekrimeno psema alla thelw na pistevw oti uparxoun kai thelw mia apodiksoi pou de kserw an Yparxei

  2. Juan Aguilera says:

    Can u find a book about all this so I could read it
    And I want to be part of the tribe

    • you have to be born into the tribe to become a wolf

      • Chris knight says:

        I don’t necessarily believe that. That you have to be born into the tribe to become such a creature what happen was a ritual that took place. There are people who have been taken into the tribes and people marrying Native american women and having children who are born into the tribe.

    • Vivian Marie Williams says:

      I actually own 3 Books Twilight, Eclipse, and New Moon they are really good. Actually their better than good their AWESOME!

  3. Excause me for asking but….if you truly are a werewolf why are you telling everybody what you are? I’m not saying that being a werewolf is bad and in my opinion it’s sooooooooooooo cool but it supose to be a secret right??:) if you are a werewolf then i’d like to see you transforming…:D

    • Anonymous says:

      Well it might be because he is hungry or dumb

    • Anonymous says:

      Well maybe he just wants the humans to know what he is and that they could trust his kind. I mean what’s the big deal it’s not like the people are going to kill him or turn him into the authorities I mean I’d hate t be in their shoes. Because when the werewolves are angry and someone is too close Hello Disaster City! I mean am I right or am I right.

      • Vivian Marie Williams says:

        In the box above this one that’s me Vivian Marie Williams but like I was saying in the I wrote above this one if he is a werewolf then yes he can transform from human into his werewolf form and back to his human form in a heartbeat also their so huge that their chances of being unspotted by human eyes are 0% so you would know they exist if you even think saw one. Oh and one more thing if the human claims to be a so called “werewolf” then when he or she is mad the stay at least 4 kilo miles away from his because take a look at the twilight movie it bound to be the first or second one but anyways back to my face unless you want a huge old ugly scar a cross your face then stay away from him or her.

  4. Oh! I recently started a reseach about your amazing kind and…PLEAAAAAASE I’m begging you can you help me??? I’m the same one who asked if you are a werewolf…btw my name is anna.

    • werewolf’s are real because i am one from my father side of the family. his dad which is my uncle was the leader of his tride. they very much real trust uncle gave me a neckles that shows the beast and that is what would put his neck. i have it know so i am the new leader.

      • i would never turn anybody to what i am

      • really? wow can u tell us so how is it ? how u became werewolf? how u look like? how u live?

        • It’s only tribal, the legends are just a story our parents told us when we were little kids, I was born on the reservation, and so to speak you only can be a wolf if your Quileute on your fathers side… Im Quileute on my fathers side, and no change, there just stories, people give it a rest.

          • And why you telling everybody what you are?

          • well stories is are not just legends

          • Vivian Marie Williams says:

            You might just be right but you never can know if someone is actually tell the truth about what they’re saying unless you saw. There are a few ways to decide if someone is lying to you. If you saw it wit your own eyes, Their voice volume, And if their eyes can’t stay in one place.

      • Anonymous says:

        You say your father’s dad is your uncle, but wouldn’t he be your grandfather if he is the father of your father?

      • madison peters says:

        really thats cool

  5. Anonymous says:

    I do believe you. No matter what other people say. I can tell you one other fact…
    If you ever try and find a werewolf, they will find you.

  6. Annonymous says:

    Now if we think about this logically….the twilight and New moon books describe everything he said. He could just be one of the obsessive twilight fans. I’m not saying werewolves aren’t real but none of us really know for sure…unless u r one. And if he was one… He wouldn’t be shouting it out to the world.

  7. Darcc Asylum says:

    If yu r a “werewolf” as yu claim yu r,what do yu hunt.??

  8. Anonymous says:

    I believe that if it is(according to the movies) a secret and only Bella was the outsider to ever tell the secret- than you are not telling the truth as it would have to be a guarded secret to the point that it stays as a legend and nothing more, and telling the world about it is just going to bring a shame to your tribe as you reveal something of heritage and pride that is meant to be a secret for a reason.

    • Vivian Marie Williams says:

      Well actually new about it when she saw them but she only told her father and his friend that not technically the whole world.

  9. Zer0T1meWaRz says:

    Ugh. Twilight. :/
    Fail. 😐
    I know someone who believes he is a werewolf. Actually to the point where he gets down on all fours on floor and howls. Thats the closest anyone will ever be to being a werewolf. 😐 Sorry to kill your *cough* moment…but…uhm…your not really a werewolf. 🙂 You most likely have this:

    • Anonymous says:

      I mean that could be true but you need to look at all of the signs I do happen to know that all most 60% of people are raised by wolves. If their raised by wolves it most likely to act like wolves at least 100% of their life time. research also shows that they live the average life like wolves depending on if they eat, bath, and use the woods like a wolf would when they have to pee, or poop. And girls get used to these words because your going to use them a lot when you become a mother.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Why is there a picture of a Siamese cats eye on here?

  11. ti lete

  12. exw psaksh polla gia vampire kai likanthropous alla de leei gia mia sugkekrimenh alitheia h ena sugkekrimeno psema alla thelw na pistevw oti uparxoun kai thelw mia apodiksoi kai de kserw an yparxei

  13. princess lee says:

    hey guys im new here can u be my friends?

  14. jasmín says:

    Yo si le creo!

  15. Could your ansecters when they wolves change a human?i know this is kinda rude,sorry

  16. well it is really awesome to be a werewolf so good luck with the cold ones and i hope u can get them
    and great legend i would also love u to make a nother one

  17. can only the tribe members turn into wolf?

  18. Are these legends real? If so then how do you become a wolf? I know that there are some crackpot ideas out there like drinking out of the same water as a wolf. But how do you turn into a wolf? I have been very interested in wolves and mermaids since I was a child. I really want to know stuff like this. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone has any answers. Thanks yallz!

    • Anonymous says:

      You can only become a werewolf of the Quileuten tribes if you were born into the tribe and have the wolf gene secured in you father’s blood line. And it normally happens around the age of 16. Something might trigger it before then but probably not. But anyway they are just legends of the tribe.

  19. So ive been reading your legends since preschool and I think your tribe is a symbol of strength and courage and I really like wolfs and I think I would love to be one no matter what it takes to be one

  20. Vivian Marie Williams says:

    I’m a huge fan of Robert Pattinson. Oh, and before I forget Princess Lee I’m at almost as new as you are I signed on a week and 3 or 4 days ago and I haven’t asked for friends yet with all do respect I’m not trying to be rude. I wanted to try to remain a secret my name a secret I mean but my name is Vivian Williams I used to be in foster care those of you who don’t know what foster care is it’s a home you stay in unless someone in your family is willing to take you in or until you’re adopted. I may seem insecure but believe me I’m not ever since I was taken into the CPS System I’ve gotten stronger mentally and physically. I new I had a family but no one in my family took me seriously but they should have When my mother and step-father didn’t take care of me and my sister and four brothers like they should have we were taken by CPS those of which who don’t know what CPS stands for it stands for Child Protective Services. So try hard to not put yourself out there like that you can get taken advantage of and I don’t want that to happen. So after 10 years in the Foster Care System no one in my family took me back. So there for I had to be adopted and the foster parents that I had just now lived with for 2 years was only a single mother and 1 adult son yes they are a different race than I am but that doesn’t matter to me as much as that I didn’t have a true place to call home until last year. This year on march 21, 2015 7:00 pm The person that had adopted me died from Melanoma skin cancer I loved her because when I first meet her I knew we would automatically become really close to each other and I ended up being right so when she passed away she asked her sister to readopt us into her family so meaning our aunt would become our new mother she has working on getting us a hearing and she was just able to get one on August 5th, 2015 and we are now our aunts kids it was overwhelming because no one in our entire lives has ever gone out of their way to do this for me and 2 of my brothers yes the others did not get adopted because they were all adult by that time the time we got adopted was June 10, 2014. I was and still am very grateful to have people who actually love us just the way we are. So all am saying is don’t put yourself out there like you’re doing.

  21. Lonewolf6587 says:

    …I would like to visit you’re tribe and meet this “werewolves” ..I’ve met a lot of natives and participated in rituals…would like to experience or at least converse with u guys

  22. I would also love to meet these werewolves i am mostly native american on my dad’s side and a mix of tribes all from chief bloodlines but i don’t really know my past well and would love to go to your reservation or wherever you and your tribe are because i don’t know how to look for werewolves or have them find me.however i always dreamed of connecting to a tribe with stories,legends,ways of living,medicine,spirits,etc.also,I’ve always wanted to be a wolf and feel the dramatic change myself but sadly haven’t yet my 18th birthday is soon and i was born on a full moon night.if you could help me visit and/or transform I’d appreciate it my whole life.thanks,please respond soon

  23. Hey there!
    If vampires are real, how come humans don’t know about them?
    And why are werewolves closer to extinction?

  24. what are the traits of a werewolf? (sorry for asking too much questions;I’m curious)

  25. madison peters says:

    wait are u a werewolf?

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