Leader of the Pack – Wolf Girl

Do you believe in the Quileute Legends? If so keep reading, if not keep reading.

I used to live in La Push and  I had many friends. But soon I had moved away. And I hadn’t got the money to fly over to see my friends. But after a few years I collected enough money to get a plane ticket. When I arrived my best friends mother had picked me up. We drove through La Push. I couldn’t see my best friend. I then asked his mom. She told me that he was out with friends. So then his mom brought me in to the house to get settled.

After a couple hours he came home. I heard him asking him mother something and I heard her move and and she started walking to my (well the guest room) and opened the door. She said he was back and he was wanting to see me. So I followed her to the kitchen. That was when I saw him. My heart thumped and I saw his eyes widen. I walked over to him and I reached in to give him a hug. I told him that I missed him and he said the same. Soon  he asked me to go on a walk on First Beach.

When we walked to the rim of the forest he said he loved me. I was in shock! I told him the same and then he said that he wasn’t like any other boys. Then he told me to wait here and he turned for the forest. I then heard steps coming my way from the forest. But it sounded like an animal. Being stupid I walked into the forest and there it was.

A horse sized wolf. I wanted  to turn and scream but it was something about the wolf that stopped me. That thing was his clear brownish-golden eye. I called his name and the wolf nodded his head. Then the wolf turned for a bush and I heard a shimmering sound the he walked out with two legs. He told me everything about the Cold Ones and The Quileute Legends concerning Taha Aki and The Third Wife. He also told me about imprinting and he said he imprinted on me.

Now I live in La Push with him as my  fiancee . And I spend time with his friends fiancees and girlfriends because we all have something in common. We are all wolf girls.

By: Chloe Williams

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  1. ?á·čit says:

    Hi _ i would like to know if these legends & stories are true from these folklore and legends..

    i have been amazed and drawn to these stories .. and the whole conception of imprinting on somebody is just extraordinary and i would like to know where i could get a dream catcher ..

    and if it really does work ..and although im a christian..can these legends be true for any kind of religion ??Or does it reply to only one .. Ive been very much intrigued by your stories ..legends .. myths and folklore .. 🙂

    Please write back

    By: Adri

    • dear adri
      i think it can imply to any religeon, yourself, or whatever you want and none of these “legends” are true they are just kind of like a different version of fan fiction.

  2. James Abrantes says:

    This is something different I life in peace but my mind says different I don’t like more people come near me.iam free wen the darkness come . I believe in vampires

  3. This is just fake, if you really knew the legends you wouldt know that the legends about the cold ones are just made by Stephanie Meyer to fit the Twilight saga. Many of the other stories in the book are real quileute legends, but the ones about the cold ones are not. Why bother to lie about such a stupid thing?

  4. madison peters says:

    is this really real or just fake and where is la push like what state and stuff

  5. yea,really we have know about la push and all those things she said.

  6. anjali kumari says:

    I believe in vampires or in other supernatural powers but this stories is not all true some things is true or some not but I want to know about real vampires existences in this world and I want to go their to know about them . I am an student of paranormal studying groups so I want the real facts and sites to know about them plzzzz help me.

  7. מה אתה רוצה לדעת?

  8. אני חצויה אני ניזונה בעיקר מאוכל אנושי.

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