Eclipse’s Infamous “Leg Hitch” Scene

“Her openness was like fuel on the fire,
Her vulnerability a fine wine for the drinking.

Something within him stirred
As he took a bite from the forbidden fruit.”  ~ Brian Kirkland Stiff

The newest of the upcoming Twilight Saga movies, Eclipse is causing excitement all over the world for fans. Eclipse is the 3rd movie in the Twilight series, which is expected to release in theaters on June 30, 2010. This movie is continued from the previous hit film New Moon, which only left fans wanting more. Starring Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen, Kristen Stewart as Isabella Swan, and Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black, fans all over the world are impatiently waiting for the midnight showing coming up very soon. Lines attend the 12:00 showing are expected to start early and be sold out at theaters all over the United States.

This movie is about Bella’s relationship with Edward and Jacob. She is forced to make a decision. Would love win, and Bella choose Edward Cullen, or would her friendship with Jacob Black be more important. Bella has feelings for each of them, however, those feelings are very different. Jacob is her best friend, however, she is in love with Edward. Which one of the two will Isabella Swan choose; the vampire or the werewolf? She can not have both.

One scene in particular has caused an uproar for Twilight Saga followers. This is the infamous scene called the leg hitch. This is a very saucy scene that becomes very sexual. Robert Pattinson himself claims that he did not remember shooting the explicit scene, even after being reminded of it. When reporters asked Robert Pattinson his thoughts on this scene, he explains that he does not remember the scene and thought to himself that it was not really Twilight material. “That’s a little raunchy for a Twilight movie”, Pattinson claims.

If you read the Twilight series, you can find this amazing saucy scene starting on page 186 in the 3rd book Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer. The scene consists of Edward bringing Bella to view his new, large bed . The couple then begin to intensely make-out. Edward then takes Bella’s leg and hitches it onto his hip in a manner that is very sexually explicit. Has this gotten your hopes up? Well the scene doesn’t last because Bella doesn’t keep quiet and interrupts the session as the couple finally begin to get steamy. You will have to wait until the final movie Breaking Dawn to get anything more than a taste of a passionate make-out session.

Pattinson Eclipse Leg Hitch

Pattinson Eclipse Leg Hitch

Robert Pattinson uses the excuse of being exhausted as part of the reason he does not remember the steamy scene. He filmed New Moon, then shortly after filmed the movie Remember Me. After that, he went without a break to start filming Eclipse. Rob claims that he was reviewing the scene and thinking to himself about how saucy that scene was, and that he did not even remember filming this part of the movie. Pattinson states, “It’s really difficult to talk about because I can’t remember what the story is”.

Many fans are baffled that their favorite Twilight star Rob cannot remember this intimate scene with Kristen. Most fans are hoping that the couple will end up together with a family. The leg hitch scene is just a start of what fans have been longing for. Team Edward fans anyway. One fan states, ” I am so looking forward to some steamy scenes in Eclipse”. While another pleads, “Please, please, please include the leg hitch scene in Eclipse”, and “It is a heart stopper”. Finally another mega Twilight fans expresses that the leg hitch scene was probably her favorite in the movie and book. This sexy scene has left fans all over the world wanting more!

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