List of Twilight Characters

Main Characters in the “Twilight” Book Series

Stephanie Meyer’s “Twilight” is the first in a long line of books of romance novels whose target audience is young adults who enjoy a little bit of vampire with their displays of affection. The book was the number one selling book in 2008, and it introduces readers to wide array of characters that are both personable and engaging.

Isabella Swan, also known as “Bella,” is the 17-year old main character in the “Twilight” book series. The stories are told through her point of view, and the reader is allowed an integral look into her relationship with her mysterious boyfriend Edward Cullen and Edward’s family. Bella’s life if full of depression and sadness, as she expresses her desire to become a vampire herself. Her high level of shyness upon moving in with her father in the state of Washington does not deter a large number of would-be male suitors from trying to win her attention. Bella eventually becomes very emotionally involved with Edward and allows herself to express her deepest desires to Edward. Her eventual desire to become a vampire, like Edward and the rest of his family, enlightens the reader to Bella’s emotional dependence on others.

Edward Cullen is the prototypical male protagonist in that he is always looking out for Bella’s best interest. He seems to be deeply attracted to Bella not only physically but emotionally as well. Edward is very protective of his family and their ways of life. At times it seems as though Edward almost thrives on the sexual tension between Bella and himself. Edward also has many inner struggles that he deals with throughout the book, which shows the reader how difficult it is for Edward to lead the life he leads. Throughout the book, Edward is portrayed as a kind of tragic hero who really has deep seeded feelings for Bella and doesn’t know in which direction he wants his life to go.

Characters of Twilight Saga

James is portrayed by Meyer as being the bloodthirsty antagonist whose role is essentially to provide in-depth rivalry with Edward. James’ relationship with Bella is rooted in a disdain for Bella’s shyness and anti-social tendencies. James’ character is not especially well-rounded, as his existence in the book is almost solely to be the evil bad guy that protagonist Edward has constant issues with throughout the entire book.

Alice Cullen is Edward’s adopted sister whose petite physical stature only adds to her mysticism. Alice has a unique ability to see the future of both human beings and vampires, but not half-breeds. Alice’s character is relatively two-dimensional, as she does not add much to the overall story beyond her propensity for premonitions.

Carlisle Cullen is another adopted sibling of Edward and Alice. Carlisle is very skilled in the field of medicine, and his intelligence is continually put on display throughout the book.

Esme Cullen is yet another adopted Cullen child. Esme has a storied past filled with despair and depression. She is divorced and lost a son a few days after his birth. Esme had attempted to kill herself when her life seemed to reach a dead end, but it was Carlisle’s doctoral abilities that transformed her into a vampire and gave her new life. She seems to have a general caring and compassion for not only Bella but her adoptive brothers and sisters as well.

All of the characters in the “Twilight” series seem to have some kind of inner turmoil plaguing them at some point throughout the book. The protagonist Edward and the antagonist James both play on Bella’s affections, as she continually tries to decipher in which way her heart will take her.

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