Quileute Legends of Vampires – Are The Cold Ones Real?

Quileute legends which are pronounced as quill-yoot legends are the stories that have passed to American Indian from the Quileute tribe. The Quileute myths have characters that bring up real shadowlike images in your mind when you read or hear them. Some of the characters from these myths are Q’waiti, Thunderbird, Raven and Dask’ija.

Quileute Legends Vampire

The Twilight book series explains the Quileute legend of “The Cold Ones”, which is written by Stephenie Meyer. Stephenie Meyer has made up this mythical quileute tale to incorporate vampires into her novel. She has actually added them in these book series; they were not the actual part of the Quileute Legend.  But if you leave out this made up part about vampires, all the other characters are from the real Quileute legends which are included in these Twilight Saga. The addition of these vampires, called The Cold Ones, have made these myths even more interesting for the readers.

In the Quileute folklore, it is told that Quileute Indians are descended from wolves. Quileute legends also suggest that a mythological human being, their creator, has three titles such as, The Transformer, The Changer and The Trickster. The first native of the Quileute tribe was created by this mythical creator or character called Dokibatt and K’wa’iti, this was the myth stated by Quileute. This creation story is explained beautifully in the Twilight book series. Initially there were six tribal societies namely, elk hunter, whale hunter, fisherman, medicine man and the weather predictor. The medicine man was the one who pleased the transmuter with the wolf dance.

The author of the Twilight book series has tried to be true to the actual Quileute folklore like the Breaking Dawn, New Moon, Twilight and the Eclipse but only the vampires referred to as “The Cold Ones” are the exception for this. After the book was published and then there was the release of the movie Twilight which also featured these vampires.

This book is based on the vision that the author saw about a young couple. In this dream the young man was a vampire while the young woman was a normal human being. The girl’s character is called Bella who leaves her mother and step father and starts living with her real father. When she joins school then she meets Edward who is as handsome boy who she later discovers is a vampire. In this book the relation between Bella and Edward is very believable and falls into place which gives the story a certain flow to it. The story of The Cold Ones is explained as one of the Quileute legends in the Twilight book series.

Today also the Quileute Nation is occupied by people who are decedents of the original tribe. The stories of the Quileute folklore are still alive and which makes them realize about their birth which was through a transformation of a wolf. You can read these stories related to The Cold Ones by reading the Twilight book series. You can also visit the real descendents of the people that are mentioned in the Quileute folklore by visiting the Quileute nation which is near la Push in Washington. You will be surprised to see that the Quileute legends are a major part of the Quileute nation today also.

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