Twilight Cast

Twilight Cast


The movie entitled Twilight must be the most popular movie among teenagers and young adults since it premiered on November 21, 2008. The young people are just hooked on this movie since it is a unique, inimitable, and impossible but still relatable. This movie was adapted from Stephenie Meyer’s 2005 novel with the same title. Twilight is about the forbidden romance between a human girl and a vampire boy. This vampire only drinks animal blood so he’s not that hard to accept in the eyes of the girl. Let’s learn more about the Twilight Cast of characters, shall we?

Isabella Marie Swan, Bella for short, is the female protagonist in this story. She was born on the 13th of September, 1987 in Forks, Washington. Her parents, Charlie and Renee Swan, part ways when Bella is only six months old. She moves to California then to Phoenix, Arizona, only to return to Forks to live with her father when her mother marries Phil Dwyer. Bella is a lovely girl but she gets into a lot of accidents. Thankfully, Edward saves her during many incidents. Bella first meets Edward in school and only gets to know him a couple of weeks after their first meeting when they are made to sit beside each other.

Edward Anthony Masen Cullen is the hero of the story who becomes romantically involved with Bella. He was born on the 20th of June, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois to his biological parents Elizabeth and Edward Masen. Then, he was made into a vampire or “The Cold Ones” in 1918 by Carlisle Cullen, who is the Masen’s doctor during the flu epidemic and becomes Edward’s adoptive father. This was done upon the request of Elizabeth Masen who knew that Carlisle was capable of saving Edward in some mysterious way. Edward meets Bella in 2005 at the local high school. Although vampires possess the ability of reading people’s minds, Edward is unable to do that with Bella. Bella had a hunch about Edward being a vampire after Edward saves her from a classmate’s van by suddenly appearing next to Bella and stopping the vehicle all on his own.

Jacob Black is known as Bella’s best friend in this movie. He is a werewolf in the “Quileute wolf pack”. Although they are just friends, Jacob has feelings for Bella. For the short span of time that Edward was away, Bella confides in Jacob in order to move on and later falls in love with him as well.

The other Twilight Cast members are Carlisle Cullen and Esme Cullen who are the adoptive parents of Edward Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Alice Cullen, Rosalie Hale, and Jasper Hale.

James is the antagonist in the movie. He is called a tracker vampire. He hates the thought of Edward and Bella’s falling in love with each other. He hunts for Bella then bites her hand. Edward and the other Cullens destroy him later on and Edward is forced to drink Bella’s blood to prevent the spread of James’ venom.

If you haven’t watched the movie or read the novel yet, you now know why you should watch Twilight or read the novel or both. You won’t be disappointed.  The above Twilights Cast of characters make the book a fun read.

Want to learn more about the Twilight Cast?  (see Twilight the Movie)

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