Twilight Soundtrack Review

For those of you who have seen the movie Twilight; the Twilight Soundtrack will cause and create a recall, as you listen to the tracks you’ll revisit the scenes from the movie. The tracks are composed of a mixture of new sounds that seem to be darker, harder with a hint of anger, just what the vampires ordered.  Just like the vampire I devoured the Twilight Soundtrack and had a thirst for more.  For those who’d like to listen I added the playlist to the sidebar “listen Twilight Soundtrack”.

The book Twilight burns its way into the hearts of old and young a like. The fans of Ms. Myers books had some doubt when they heard the book was going to be made into a movie. Twilight fans were sure the movie wouldn’t be as good as the book. We were in for a surprise with the young actors that were picked to play Edward and Bella and at how quick they found a place in our hearts. The fans grew as the ones who’d read the books joined with the fans that had just seen the movie. As fans crowed theaters Twilight became a hit.

Not only did the movie become a hit but the soundtrack became a hit as well. The song Decode by Paramore helped to showcase the relation between Edward and Bella. The other tracks are Supermassive Black Hole by Muse, Full Moon by The Black Ghost, Leave Out All The Rest by Linkin Park, Spotlight mix by Mutemath, Go All The Way by Perry Farrell, Tremble For My Beloved by Collective Soul, I Caught Myself by Paramore, Eyes On Fire Blue Foundation, Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine, Bella’s Lullaby by Carter Burwell and Never Think by Rob Pattinson better known by fans as Edward Cullen.

My favorite track is Bella’s Lullaby, which is a lovely haunting piece which touches something deep inside. Though it has no vocals, it still wraps around the storyline nicely.

I already like Paramore’s music, I’d ran across them on Decode and I Caught Myself by Paranore lent themselves well to the Twilight storyline, all dark and moody. The energy that is seen between Hayley and her brothers brings the band instant attention. Their enthusiasm for their music is like a a bright shooting star that is just starting to burn. Look for much more from these young people because their comets going to burn brightly for a long time.

Now the Supermassive Black Hole by the three guys who make up the British band called Muse is a more gritty sound that seems to suit what Beth is going through trying to figure out Edward. Muse has been around awhile and work with several kinds of music. They stand out in their all out style of music and wild way of marketing their songs. This song and group was a great choice for the Twilight Soundtrack.

Robert Pattinson with Guitar

Robert Pattinson with Guitar

Then it was wonderful that Rob Pattinson could add his own music called Never Think.   It gave a personal touch when he played for Bella.  I was glad it wasn’t really dinner music as I wasn’t sure how Bella’s visit with the Cullen’s was going to turn out.   I thought there for a moment she was about to become lunch.

All in all the music held true to the story and added to the over all performance.   I don’t know if the music would have held up if the movie hadn’t been such a big hit.   As Ms. Myers listens to music as she writes. I am glad these great artists and songs were picked out to go with the movie. Just watched New Moon it’s great.   Watch it guys it to sticks very close to the written word.   Then wait for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, you are in for an amazing ride.

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