Twilight the Movie

New-Moon-PosterTwilight the movie is a romantic film based on the novel, also entitled Twilight, written by Stephenie Meyer and published in 2005. Twilight is the first of the series of novels by Meyer. The movie, directed by Catherine Hardwicke, was released in US theaters on the 21st of November, 2008. The midnight viewing alone made more than 7 million US Dollars in ticket sales. In May 2009, the Twilight movie had already grossed over 382 million US dollars worldwide.

The story takes place in Forks, Washington. Isabella Swan, known to her friends as Bella, moves to this small town to live with her father, Charlie, upon the remarriage of her mother, Renee, to a basketball player named Phil Dwyer. Bella, who is seventeen years old, meets Edward Cullen on the first day at Forks High School when she is forced to sit beside him in Biology class. They were assigned to be lab partners and Edward seems to loathe this idea thus disappearing for a couple of weeks. Edward and Bella get to know each other when Edward returns to school. A while later, Bella almost gets run over by a fellow classmate’s car but Edward appears out of nowhere and stoops the car using nothing but his hand. This intrigued Bella so much that she pesters Edward about it while Edward refuses to explain further.

Bella and some friends go to La Push Beach and Edward doesn’t show up when he is supposed to be her date. She then learns a bit more about the Cullens and the Quilete legend and that the Quiletes are descendants of wolves while the Cullens are descendants of the enemies.

Later, Edward says something about his being able to read people’s minds except for Bella’s. And after Bella reads some books and some stuff on Google, Bella discovers that Edward is a vampire. She confronts Edward about this and he confirms it, however, he explained that he and the rest of his family only drink animal blood. She accepts him for what he is and their relationship blossoms. Edward even takes her to meet his family and they all get along very well.

James, a tracker vampire, learns about Bella and her relationship with Edward and sets out to hunt her. After James has captured Bella, Edward appears. James and Edward start attacking each other. James is grabs hold of Bella and bites her arm. The rest of the Cullens rush in and permanently destroy James. Edward then sucks the vampire venom out of Bella’s arm because he doesn’t want her to turn into a vampire.

The movie ends with a scene of Edward and Bella kissing as Victoria, who is James’ lover, watches them and seems to be planning her revenge against them.

In the film, Bella is played by Kristen Stewart and Edward is played by Robert Pattinson.

New Moon, a sequel to Twilight and the second in the series of Meyer’s novels, is set to be released on the 20th of November, 2009.

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