Twilight’s “The Cold Ones” Be Affraid

The Cold Ones

The popular Twilight series is based on the legend of the Cold Ones. Commonly referred to as vampires, the Cold Ones, are mythological creatures that have existed, and been historically noted, throughout history in all parts of the world.

Cold Ones are Nomads

Because they are nomads, it is rare for the Cold Ones to travel in covens larger than two: a male and female pair. This is because the more members that exists in a coven, the more human blood there must be available to feed them. Since these creatures seek to exist undetected among humans, the less people they need to kill the better.

Physical Description: Cold Ones

The Cold Ones

Physically, the Cold Ones have extremely pale, rock hard skin that glitters in the sunlight. They are ice cold to the touch, and the color of their eyes reflects their diet. Red eyes indicate a diet of human blood, amber indicates animal blood, and black eyes indicate extreme thirst. They have lightening fast reflexes, run at incredible speeds, possess unfathomable strength, and are immortal. Some Cold Ones also possess other “gifts” such as the ability to see the future or read people’s minds.


“Cold Ones” and Diet

While their natural diet consists of human blood, a few of the Cold Ones have turned towards a more peaceful way of life and are “vegetarian,” meaning they drink only animal blood. While this diet is not fully satisfying, it allows them to live among humans without killing. Although there are occasional accidents, this way of life has proven successful. These “vegetarians” are also able to exist in larger covens for two main reasons. First of all, because they do not have to kill humans, there is a smaller chance they will be detected. Secondly, by drinking animal blood in favor of human blood, these Cold Ones are better suited to develop bonds of love and family because their focus does not have to be on survival.

Volturi the Italian Coven

The Cold Ones are governed by an Italian coven called the Volturi that contains some of the oldest vampires in existence. The three males, Aro, Caius, and Marcus, as well as their wives, comprise the main family. The Volturi family is protected by a guard of which the precise number is not known. The Volturi are responsible for governing all of the Cold Ones and enforcing their one main law: keep their existence a secret. The Volturi also enforce other restrictions such as the prohibition on creating immortal children.

The Werewolf – Friend or Foe?

Because of their extreme predatory capabilities, the Cold Ones have only one natural enemy: the werewolf. Here, the term werewolf is used to denote a person that can change his or her physical form into that of a wolf. There are two kinds of these creatures: the true werewolf and the wolves presented in the Twilight series. A true werewolf is created by suffering a bite from another existing werewolf. This is much the same way that one becomes a vampire. These beings cannot transform into a wolf of their own free will and, instead, are entirely at the mercy of the lunar phases.

While the wolves presented in the Twilight series are able to destroy the Cold Ones, they are not their true enemy. Instead, they possess a genetic mutation that allows them to transform into a wolf. The correct names for these beings are shape shifters. Because they are not actual werewolves, the shape shifters are able to overcome their natural animosity towards the Cold Ones and form treaties with them as well as fight together if the need arises.

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  1. I love twilight

  2. Michelle says:

    Is this true? I don’t no. But i like twilight:)

    • My secret has been revealed

      • . Your post makes me think of a Michael Jordan’s advertisement “Maybe”Maybe it’s my fault….Maybe I led you to beleive that basketball was a God-given gift, and not something I worked for every single day of my life…Or maybe, you’re just making excuses.matt

  3. I am a vampire and a werewolf so i think i would know.

  4. The legends are true cause this kid named amor is a werewolf and well i cant say what i am or its death to me

  5. Amber you such a liar cause the volturi would kill you

  6. I think I saw a vampire he was really cold but he didn’t shimer in daylight but it was hot out side and he touch me and when I pointed out that he was cold and I was really hot outside he walked away and I saw him about a year sitting on my bed or I was just dream about seeing him in my bed.

  7. Frederic Tabert says:

    Vampires exist?

    well it’s an amazing Universe, and I guess anything is possible.

    but I have never actually seen them, and I have been alive awhile.

    a long time

    I have died 3X in this life

    all I would say if they are real, is…..

    “Come out … come out … where ever you are”

    I have seen MANY THINGS … but not vampires, unfortunately … I would LOVE to meet one, and speak with her, or him, just once … not a human who has deluded themselves to thinking they are vampire,
    but the real thing
    but then, if they are real, maybe the reason folks don’t meet them, is, most people are too boring for someone who has lived centuries … most people are boring to me, and I haven’t really been alive as long as they.
    most thought patterns revolve around … food, sex, money, alcohol ( or some form of destructive behavior like that) … boring

    oh well …

    “Come out … CCOME OUT … where ever you are”


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