Unconditional Hunger of Vampires

An unconditional hunger, such hunger a vampire must feel.  A thirst that can only be quenched by the blood from their human victim, such power at such a cost.  Being forced to live in coffins by day and to wander in search of blood by night, forever.

Such beauty, in the end just a cold embrace for another.  Vampires are suppose to be beautiful and graceful creatures, but in the dark shadows the attack is quite savage.  The horrors of vampires are not portrayed in movies.

Unconditional Hunger - Brian Stiff

The Vampire's Embrace

As you quickly walk down the dark street you’ve realized that you shouldn’t of left the local bar so late.  You stayed until closing and you remember your parents and friends telling you not to be the last one to leave.  But you consumed several drinks and soon your head was spinning as you washed the last bit down upon closing.

The cobblestone streets of old London are empty the bar door is locked as you exit the establishment.  Adjusting your coat you start the walk back towards your flat.  You walk for awhile and get the feeling you are being followed.  Looking  behind you from time to time you thought you saw something move in the shadows.

Your head is spinning from the events of the night and you pick up your pace thinking to yourself , “Almost Home…”  “Almost Home…”

As you turn the corner, you look back over your shoulder.   The fear has set in and you heart is starting to beat out almost out of your chest.  The fear has fully set in. Looking behind you…  “Ah nothing there.”  As you begin walking you see a woman in front of you.  She is very beautiful, you are drawn to her.  It is too late…the hunger has started…

“Unconditional Hunger”

Her flesh bled horror.

For her love, but a cold embrace.

Frozen desire and dread.

My body drained and discarded.

Filled the air with a fragrance of blood.

My thoughts wandered,

As I died amongst the shadows.

As I hastened to death

The hunger for her continued to linger.

– Brian Kirkland Stiff

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