Bella Swan of Twilight

Bella Swan is the heroine of the book and movie series Twilight. Bella chooses to leave sunny warm Phoenix, Arizona to live with her father Charlie in Forks, Washington. Bella loves Phoenix and doesn’t enjoy the rainy weather that Forks enjoys. She makes this decision for the benefit of her mother Rene who has remarried and needs to travel with her new husband for his job as a minor league baseball player.

Bella Swan Twilight

Bella Swan Twilight

Bella’s mother took her away from Forks at 6 months old after she and Charlie were divorced. Bella spent a few weeks each summer with her father and he would take her fishing with the Black family. Charlie is best friends with Billy Black who is chief of the Quileute tribe.

Bella didn’t fit in very well with students in Phoenix and she believes the same will be true when she starts high school in Forks. Her first day is uneventful until lunch when she notices the beautiful Cullen family sitting together and not eating their food. The Cullen family consists of Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, Alice and Edward. Bella notices Edward in particular and is fascinated with him.

Bella is a novelty at a small high school such as Forks and the other students want to be friends with her. Mike Newton, Angela Weber and Jessica Stanley are friendly and ask her to sit with them at lunch. Bella asks Jessica about Edward and Jessica informs her about the strange Cullen family whose parents adopted them as teenagers. She tells Bella about Emmett and Rosalie dating and Alice and Jasper dating as well. This has created scandal throughout the town.

When Bella finds her Biology class and herself sitting next to Edward Cullen she isn’t sure what to think, until he seems to hate her. We find out later that the reason Edward hates Bella is because he is a vampire that chooses to drink animal blood instead of human blood and the smell of Bella’s blood is irresistible to him. Edward finds her person to be irresistible as well and falls in love with her. As for Bella she was more than smitten with Edward from the start.

Edward has a special ability even for a vampire and that is the ability to read the minds of those around him. Bella’s mind is cut off from him and this intrigues Edward even more. Bella finds a friend in the son of her father’s friend Billy whose name is Jacob Black. In addition to the mythical vampires that are a main part of Bella’s story we discover werewolves exist in the Quileute tribe and Jacob is one of them. The werewolves came into existence to protect the tribe and when they sense a threat the young men become wolves.

Most people would be greatly disturbed to find all of these scary and dangerous myths to be a part of the real world, however Bella is different and is able to accept these legends with relative ease. This ability comes in handy when she herself becomes one of them, a vampire. Bella’s mind being impenetrable to Edwards’s mind reading ability is her own super power. Bella is able to protect those she loves from the mental powers of those who are trying to destroy the Cullen Clan.

The Volturi are an ancient vampire coven that keeps younger vampires in line and prevents them from letting the world know these mythical beings exist. The Volturi decide to eliminate the Cullen’s when those in the family with special ability will not join them. Happily this does not occur thanks to Bella.

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  2. how did you feel when edward was a vanpre???
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  3. Dis is like a dream in a planet d movie s touchng nd romantic.bella u r very easy 2 fal in luv wt i wish u would fall wt me u u nd edward played a role dat renews love.4rm sanctus says:

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