My Twilight Facination with the Macabre

“About three things I was absolutely positive….first Edward was a Vampire, second there was a part of him, and I don’t know how dominant that part might me which thirsted for my blood…..and third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him”

These were the sentences capturing my mind after I turned the last page of the novel. It was unbelievable that the novel was finished and I was still mesmerized in the magical world of the story created by the author. The words “fan” and “fascinated” could easily be described by any person who has truly and devotedly read each page because when he would discuss or pass on the story he would surely use these two words by completing his quotation “You must read this story, it has fascinated me so much that now I have become the biggest fan of it”.

It is usually said that the early memories of childhood are so competent to erase from the memory even if the person matures, such memories never leave his mind and especially when the memories are scary and spooky they are surely cannot be erased. They grow with the age. I would have not believed in such supernatural and Para norms until I experienced such disasters at present in my real life. In my childhood I remember a lady living next to my house who believes in such supernatural powers and that they come to meet us if we try to provoke them to come, but she forgot a fact that they come by your will and leave by their own, poor lady by using black magic, and spells of some particular religions succeeded to provoke them to come in this real world to meet her but when they arrived she was unable to control them and unfortunately they killed her. The people who saw this event and the “ones” who arrived that night tell that they were huge and some were like normal humans like us, some looked very powerful and some fragile but they have one thing in common that they all were having sharp teethes which edged out of their mouth as if they were having such features to drink blood and to rupture the skin and flesh. Many people believed and some ignored giving some logical errors. Even though, the dead body was also not found. We shifted from that area as it was believed as haunted as people heard some noises and voices even though when the house was empty and locked.

Secondly, one of my closest friend have suffered in this case when one day when she was having an evening walk in the park just adjacent to her apartment .She founded a small girl crying while sitting on a bench ,my friend was very kind hearted so she went up to her, the moment she reached beside her the girl faced her and to her surprise she was not a human being but in case half human and half wild animal who jumped onto her and tried to pull her and tried to eat her with her sharp edged teethes, my friend shouted for help and after watching such incident many people came to rescue her ,they all succeeded to push her away from my friend but she disappeared just like a volatile gas in air, But unfortunately in this accident she lost her left eye and her face and other body parts were seriously damaged and after admitted for 6 days she died in the hospital.
Thirdly the mystery of Bermuda Triangle has always inspired me as it is said that some Para normal activities have been discovered there.

Let Me Tell You Why You Fear The Dark

Let Me Tell You Why You Fear The Dark

More often I grew up and made a lot of effort to forget all such memories as an old scary past experience apparently. But I always believed that such powers do exist. Time passes through and I found many books, articles ,novels, and even movies having concepts of vampires, were wolves, spirits stories like which are similar to the “ones” whose get up was witnessed by the people that they are powerful, yet having sharp teethes for killing, and they drink human blood. I just kept such stories for my knowledge but never dared to read them nor watch them.

Twilight published and innumerable people gathered for the book just for the ideal character of Edward Cullen. I heard many appraises for the character. One day I borrowed the book from my library just to have one or two pages to read but after when I started to read the novel the characters grew on me.

It is so childish and stupid to say that I m in love with Edward Cullen! Not because he was pretty handsome or mesmerizing but the thing which attracted me towards him was his nature that he was controlling his thirst in front of Bella just because he was in love with her, he was so much caring about her love and he took care of her just like a child although he was in a authority that he could have eaten her easily. He was continuously facing obstacles just because of Bella but he never tell her to leave, and the last but not the least thing he was so great that he never wanted Bella to be like him. This character proved that vampires and such powerful creatures which I believed existed somewhere in my life could be different, not all of them wanted to have humans as their dinner, and most importantly if you love them and care for them they would respect your feelings, and who knows they start loving you too.

As shown  in a recently released movie “Paranormal Activities” which was based on a real life story that the spirit of a guy was in love with the girl since her childhood, he never hurt her but he expected the same love and affection from her which she failed to give him. If she would have offered him to be her friend that it was sure that she would have needed nothing more in her life. Instead she was so lucky to have such an opportunity. From that day onwards I started to believe that they exist but not all of them are same. They also deserve love and friendship. The characters of this story have erased my perception and concept forever that such creatures are cruel and they always want to hurt humans. They could be proved to be helpful as well like every time Dr. Cullen, Alice has been along with the other family members.

Thank you, dear Twilight for gifting me the vision to look at my real life experience canvas but now with a different positive way and attitude. Thank you, dear Twilight for gifting me the power to face the unhealthy truths of my life and my society

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  1. KristenStewart says:

    My fear of the dark has never left me, I’ve always had it ever since I was a child. Sometimes I have to sleep with the lights on because the fear of the dark is so over whelming.

    I imagine that something scenester, perhaps something from a quileute legend, is lurking in the darkness waiting to drag me into the closet.

    I know there is such things as vampires, right? But just the thought of them feeding on my blood freaks me out.

    Anyone else have this problem, with being alone in the dark?

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