Quileute are the Native American Indians living in the western Washington state in the United States. They have a small population of around 750 members. They are also known as the Quillayute.

Upon signing the Quinault Treaty in 1855, they settled onto the Quileute Indian Reservation which is located at the mouth of the Quillayute River on the Pacific coast. La Push, Washington is the main population center of the tribe.

Their Language is known for its lack of nasal sounds and words can be quite very long. The word Quileute is pronounced as QUIL – eh – yute. Today, Tribal Names are not all that different from our own as culture influences and adoptions have taken place over the years.

Like most Native American Tribes they have a history full of legends. These legends are passed down from generation to generation probably before any formal written language was created. Their recent popularity can be attributed to the fascinating twilight series. Twilight builds upon the Quileute wolf legend which has brought notoriety to the Tribe.

With the release of the twilight series a lot of confusion has occurred about what is fact and what is fiction.
In the beginning there was only the Quileute, Twilight came later so the tribe was well established prior to the book being written. The Indian Reservation is a real place that you can visit.

It is said they are descended from wolves, long ago they were transformed into the first Quillayute by a transmuter. This is part of their heritage and folklore. The Twilight movie did not make this piece up.  You ask yourself, “Are they really created from wolves?”  Their history says this is fact.

If you have a real interest in visiting the Reservation you should make reservations at a Quileute resort. Plan a trip and visit during the Quileute Days which takes place July 17-19 in La Push.

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  1. stormborm21 says:

    when jacob trys to kiss bella he says “Kwop Kilawtley” and im pretty sure it means “stay with me forever”

  2. He does say Stay With Me Forever, you are very good at speaking my language. If you want, I can teach you Quileute


  3. Not that much of a twilight fan but I love the quileute legends and taylor n robert. ButI’m not quite sure if wolves are actualy decendant from them but I would love to know. And I need to ask a lot of questions about them so if anyone can tell me about them I would really be greatful

  4. http://vabik.info says:

    Do you have further blogposts just like this one termed, Quileute – Quileute Legend, Myths, and Folklore?
    I really really want to read even a lot more concerning it.
    Thanks for your time.

  5. Fuck twilight. says:

    I fucking hate twilight.

    • Why? And if you hate it you can just try not to write it HERE,because I like Twilight,somebody also likes it. And don’t be rude,okay?

  6. Can some one that speaks quileute so they can help me with my ansestory please

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