Kweeti and the Wolves

wolvesOnce there was a wolf who always hunted on the beach for hair-seals, whales, or anything else he could find. One day he wandered further than normally, and arrived at a house where he discovered a man living all by himself. His name was Kweeti. He came in and flopped down a duck, saying, “Keep this, while I hunt some more!” Kweeti said, ‘Very well, you may leave it there. I’m very sick.”

Near dark the wolf came in again, and said, “I’ll stay here this evening and head home tomorrow.” Kweeti agreed, indicated where to sleep, and handed him a big stone for a pillow. As soon as the Wolf was asleep, Kweeti arose, using a big stone, hurled it at the Wolf’s head and crushed it to pieces. And so he dug out a hole below the bed and buried the wolf. Nobody knew of it. Yet, Kweeti adopted safeguards against the discovery. He rubbed gray dust on his face to make it appear pale, and put bad excrement close by
to make it appear similar to diarrhea.

The next day a different wolf appeared, and asked Kweeti if he had seen the first wolf pass by earlier a day earlier. Kweeti replied that he had ; “but he didn’t come in, he merely left a duck here. He was afraid to enter, For I was so ill. You are able to see how pale I am and what diarrhea I’ve got. ” The wolf came in and looked around. He said, that he thought the first wolf had come in on his way back because he had seen the tracks. He told Kweeti he would fetch additional wolves who’d Make him to try to find the first wolf with his magical ability. To this Kweeti said, “Yes. I’m a shaman, and I’ll do the very best that I can.”

Kweeti changed into his shaman’s clothes and got prepared. He flipped the excrement outside and fixed everything. Once the wolves returned, they stood in two rows inside the house, with the two fastest runners on either side the door. Kweeti started in to sing and work. Before long he said to the wolves, “Stand back further, so that I can see better!” He waved his hands in front of his face and continued his song. Suddenly he sang, “I did kill the chief of the wolves,” and with these words he Leaped past them and ran off. He had under his blanket a basket with combs and hair-oil in it. When the wolves chased after him they almost caught him, he took a comb and stuck it in the beach sand.  This created a headland, over which the wolves had to climb.  Each time they appeared on the point of catching up with him, he did the same thing, so that again and again they were held up.  This is what created all the headlands along the beach.   At last, when the wolves had nearly caught him, Kweeti urinated and created Ozetta Lake. The wolves could not get around this, and so Kweeti got away. Later on once he was save using the hair-oil he made a river’ to cover his tracks.

The wolves where forever lost in their search and eventually gave up returned home.

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