Kweeti Created Quileute From Wolves

quileute werewolfIn the “Time of Beginnings“,  Kweeti traversed the whole world. The first person he met was a white man. At that time the whites were innocent and un-educated. Kweeti taught this man how to dig metal (mammook mola) and many new things. Shortly he came to know everything that white people know now. In addition, Kweeti said to the white man that when he chose to marry, he must claim only one wife and not pay for her.

Kweeti next came to Beaver, who was sharpening a stone and singing. Kweeti asked him what he was doing. Beaver, who by this time had made the stone rather sharp and pointed, replied, “I want to kill Kweeti when he comes.” With that Kweeti grabbed the stone and fastened it in Beaver’s tail, saying, “Henceforth you must always wear it there. From now on you shall live in the river; and when an Indian comes near you, you will splash your tail in the water and dive under to escape.”

Later on he met Deer, who was sharpening shells, and as well singing, “I am sharpening these for Kweeti.” Kweeti seized the shells, and, sticking them on Deer’s head for ears, then said to him that now he was “forever fated to run away from the Indians, and then suddenly stop in his flight, look around, and run on again.”

With that Kweeti went on his way, and reached Queets River. At that time there were no Indians there. Kweeti spit on his arm, and, rubbing the dirt into little balls, threw them into the river, and behold Indians appeared. He named these Indians Kwe’tsux. When he reached Hoh, he saw Indians walking on their hands and carrying nets between their legs. Kweeti straightened them up and directed them to fish.

According to Quileute Legend when Kweeti reached quileute, which is now the quileute indian reservation, he transmuted wolves into the first Quileute,  and said to them that a pauper might have only one wife, but that a chief or wealthy man might have from four to eight.  This was recently featured in the “Twilight” Series by Stephenie Meyer.

At Ozette he saw two dogs, which he transmuted into Indians, and he taught them as well.
At Neah Bay he taught them to fish, as all men do. Kweeti traversed the whole world.

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