Quileute Wolf Myths

“I smell blood” exclaims a quileute wolf as he struts away in hunt of flesh imagine the surprise when he wanders upon “The Cold Ones” (twilight vampires) their skin shimmering in the sunshine nearly blinding reflecting the sunlight.  Additional wolves come as the pack once more recovers its strength in shear numbers. Undiscouraged by the presence of werewolves the vampires resume feeding upon a freshly killed elk. The wolves surround them and a battle soon ensues. A conflict that’s carried on throughout the ages, and continues still now. It all begins with a wandering transmuter and a wolf. This marks the beginnings of the Quileute Legends Folklore.

Fighting Ground of the Monsters

According to Quileute Legends, two monsters met on occasion in massive battle at the boundary between Elwha and Quileute territory. Equally matched, they devastated a huge area and wounded one another grievously, but neither ever killed the other. After the last such fight, both monsters hobbled home to caves, walled themselves in, and cried over their injuries. The steaming hot tears of both have run off of their dens and amassed to make the Sol Duc and Olympic hot springs. The Quileutes named the monster whose tears make the Sol Duc Hot Springs a’lakil “the monster who cries in the woods”.  Is the the fabled battle between the wolves and vampires?

quileute wolf This is a similar impression left by the movie “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer. With the release of the twilight DVD the quileute Indians have gained notoriety. The quileute legend in the movie was based on real legends that state that the quileutes are descended from wolves.

Quileute Legend

According to legend, the tribe was created from wolves by a traveling supernatural transmuter. Legend has it that he can be found in the upper reaches of the South Fork as this is among the places the Quileute transmuter, k’wati, lives. He also lives near the Little Quillayute Prairie. The name for which is founded on what the transmuter says “tsissss”.

Tell me of this “Little Quillayute Prairie” you ask? Mythical happenings are frequent in that location. In tribal history, Dask’iya had one of her three homes on the west edge of the prairie and she was fooled by the transmuter at one time while gathering wild onions. In Quileute Legends and  Folklore, women on a regular basis come to the prairie to dig out fem roots to mash into flour: The mother of the Dog children came here and K’wati gave bees to the women and secured a wife by trickery. It is said that by the use of his magic they still live today as husband and wife and can be seen just before dawn in the south field. Don’t get any ideas about visiting La Push and seeking out K’wati or his wife. As he might just transform you into a wolf. After all he is known as the trickster.

And if you as well decide to look for the lair of the monster who cries in the woods [a’latkilti, ‘Crier in the Woods’ house] that location is uncertain. The monster’s cave has been walled up and over grown with wood, so no one knows exactly where it is. However, the monster’s tears still flow out of the ground forming the Soleduck hot springs [si’bi, ‘stinky place’]. Swimming in the waters and drinking them is helpful for stomach ailments, skin problems and sores, in addition to illness induced by spiritual imbalance. Quileutes call this place “skookum lamestin” (‘powerful medicine’].  According to the Twilight Saga, no doubt you’ll come across vampires in you quest or if you prefer to take the view from the myths from the tribe you’ll come across the quileute wolf.

It is said that, “God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” Perhaps, “In the Beginning” the world was full of magic when this magic settled K’wati came into being. He then created the first quileutes from wolves and turned the first people into animals and that’s why the quileute have no real differentiation between animals and humans. In their eyes we are all equals.

Excerpts from the myths  of quileute tribe suggest  K’wati has been hiding out ever since, maybe you’re fated to uncover him.

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  1. I would appreciate any links or information I can get on the Quileute myths. I am interested in anything that there is to learn about the tribe being descended from wolves, and if you or anyone else can help me, I would appreciate it. Anyway, just wanted to say that I am looking for any additional information you may have for me, and I love this site, it has been helpful in my research, however there isn’t enough information. Thanks for your time, and thank you in advance for any information that isn’t here that I can possibly get my hands on.

    • i feel the same way i need to no all lot more to know that it is real oh and if you look up Apoamkin you can find more info on the cold ones and the Quileutes

  2. Same Here : )

  3. Does anyone think the monster actually exist?

    • yes

    • yes monsters do actually exest don’t you know the ledgened of monsters and there actually is vams. werewolves and other you should never say they dont exsest b/c maby you mite know one but you may not know there secret and they mite go to your door knocking “NOCK, NOCK” you ddidn’t answer they keep knocking then after 5 there is a “BOOM!!!!” right there in you house or where ever you are just be careful to what you say about monsters they’re every where around you…

      • Madison says:

        How do you know ? Can you tell me if any of my friends are monsters?

        • i fully transformed now i can go werewolf anytime but the smell of those leeches irritates me alot cuz it burns my nose

      • im a quileute werewolf in my dream the golden wolf sed my time will com to be a werewolf soon

        • Víivian Gabrielly says:

          Eu não acredito em você, se você fosse realmente um lobo, guardaria isso como um segredo e não colocaria na internet. Mas se você diz que é, prove pra mim
          I do not believe you, if you were really a wolf, would keep it as a secret and not put on the internet. But if you say you are, prove to me

  4. Brandi Anderson says:

    I’ve been to La Push and there isn’t much to look at really. It’s just a normal indian reservation.

    With a secret…

    • really it has a seceret ive been waiting to go there but now i know there isn’t much to look at thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        i have never seen the cold ones and i wanted to see them if anyone can tell me there story or some incident ill be thankful……………….

        • I’v seen vampires
          They mind there own business if you don’t smell like a wolf
          If you do they have trouble with there self-control.

  5. humair khan says:

    hiiiii my situation is same as the person before me if anyone can tell me than ill be thankful to his or her……………

    • Bizarre ce changement pour le titre !Le 1er, c’e9tait bien Twilight apre8s tout. ^^'(En plus frhnmaecent, les titres en version frane7ais, c’est nul. J’veux dire, ils pourraient se contenter de traduire. Bref.)En tout cas, j’adore la 1e8re affiche. Bella & Edward se tiennent d’une fae7on tre8s belle. =)

  6. the stories it tells are realy cool. soem are scary some are weird and others are true or fake which make it better because you are like woow that realy happened sometimes and they probebly even happened in your home townsome or where you live at right now.

  7. okk.

  8. ethan hoyt says:

    everything you say is real iv seen it with my own eyes i even have the scars and storys

  9. I believe that the Quileute legends are true. I wish I could visit their reservation. That would be so cool! Any-who. Who likes the Twilight series? I’m Team Edward, but Jacob is okay too. I like Quil more than Jacob though.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dude I`m team Jacob but I LOVE the Twilight series and I agree about the Legend. GO Team JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Vivian Gabrielly says:

      Sou Team Edward, Mas também gosto do Jacob e de toda a saga Crepúsculo, sou uma fã brasileira.
      I’m Team Edward, but I also like Jacob and the whole Twilight saga, I am a Brazilian fan.

  10. I am thinking of taking a trip there next summer. If this so called K’Wati exists, I want to find him. I need to do more research. Does he give you the ability to become a shapeshifter?

  11. jaketyler123 says:

    I dont know but i want to find out i think it would be fun to shapeshift

  12. jess2713 says:

    Have you guys ever thought about asking ur parents u really should see wat they think

  13. jaketyler123 says:

    I also think you guys should get a life and stop wishing you were better than who you are. But thats just my opion.

  14. Madison says:

    What is that creepy image at the top?

  15. jaketyler123 says:

    any one on?

  16. Víivian Gabrielly says:

    Eu Acho legal aprender sobre os Quileutes, sou fã da saga crepúsculo, já li todos os livros e já assisti todos os filmes, quando li Lua Nova e Eclipse me interessei em aprender sobre os quilleutes, aqui no Brasil eu não achei livros falando sobre os quileutes, então a internet foi o meu jeito de aprender.
    Vívian, Garota brasileira, quinze anos.
    I think it’s cool to learn about the Quileutes, I’m a fan of the Twilight Saga, I’ve read all the books and have watched all the movies, when I read New Moon and Eclipse became interested in learning about quilleutes, here in Brazil I did not think talking about books Quileutes, then the internet was my way of learning
    Vívian , Brasilian girl , fifteen years

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