Night Prowl – A Vampire Vinx saved an Angel From Heaven

The full moon hung high in the sky like a shimmering star. Young Gretchen Keirok a vampire-vinx was hiding in the shadows not revealing herself to the outside world. She absolutely loved the moon. Especially the full moon. It was like a diamond. A glistening diamond. Years ago, during the Civil War; Gretchen saved an Angel From Heaven his name was Casper.

Gretchen Keirok a vampire, she absolutely loved the moon.

Gretchen Keirok a vampire, she absolutely loved the moon.

When Siernna the Dark Princess found out she gave Gretrchen a second chance. However, Gretachen had done The Midnight Ritual with him which was when Two demons made wounds on their wrists and pressed them with each other to show they were soul-mates. Siernna had ripped off Gretchens wings and thrown her to the world Earth. Gretchen could not come out in neither sunlight or moon light as a punishment. Every night, she would hear Caspers shrill screams as Siernna hit him with a spiked belt. Gretchen opened her eyes now blazing orange. Her Sorcerer Edward Cullen jumped out of nowhere in front of her.

“Ready?” he asked

“Where we going?” Gretchen asked

Edward grinned “Lets just say Siernna is going to have some guests over tomorrow dawn”

Gretchen grinned and took his hand and he spit out his wings, wrapped her in his arms, and soared in the midnight air.

Reader Submitted By: Zeenat Farooq
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