Quileute Legends of Vampires – Are The Cold Ones Real?

Quileute legends which are pronounced as quill-yoot legends are the stories that have passed to American Indian from the Quileute tribe. The Quileute myths have characters that bring up real shadowlike images in your mind when you read or hear them. Some of the characters from these myths are Q’waiti, Thunderbird, Raven and Dask’ija.

Quileute Legends Vampire

The Twilight book series explains the Quileute legend of “The Cold Ones”, which is written by Stephenie Meyer. Stephenie Meyer has made up this mythical quileute tale to incorporate vampires into her novel. She has actually added them in these book series; they were not the actual part of the Quileute Legend.  But if you leave out this made up part about vampires, all the other characters are from the real Quileute legends which are included in these Twilight Saga. The addition of these vampires, called The Cold Ones, have made these myths even more interesting for the readers.

In the Quileute folklore, it is told that Quileute Indians are descended from wolves. Quileute legends also suggest that a mythological human being, their creator, has three titles such as, The Transformer, The Changer and The Trickster. The first native of the Quileute tribe was created by this mythical creator or character called Dokibatt and K’wa’iti, this was the myth stated by Quileute. This creation story is explained beautifully in the Twilight book series. Initially there were six tribal societies namely, elk hunter, whale hunter, fisherman, medicine man and the weather predictor. The medicine man was the one who pleased the transmuter with the wolf dance.

The author of the Twilight book series has tried to be true to the actual Quileute folklore like the Breaking Dawn, New Moon, Twilight and the Eclipse but only the vampires referred to as “The Cold Ones” are the exception for this. After the book was published and then there was the release of the movie Twilight which also featured these vampires.

This book is based on the vision that the author saw about a young couple. In this dream the young man was a vampire while the young woman was a normal human being. The girl’s character is called Bella who leaves her mother and step father and starts living with her real father. When she joins school then she meets Edward who is as handsome boy who she later discovers is a vampire. In this book the relation between Bella and Edward is very believable and falls into place which gives the story a certain flow to it. The story of The Cold Ones is explained as one of the Quileute legends in the Twilight book series.

Today also the Quileute Nation is occupied by people who are decedents of the original tribe. The stories of the Quileute folklore are still alive and which makes them realize about their birth which was through a transformation of a wolf. You can read these stories related to The Cold Ones by reading the Twilight book series. You can also visit the real descendents of the people that are mentioned in the Quileute folklore by visiting the Quileute nation which is near la Push in Washington. You will be surprised to see that the Quileute legends are a major part of the Quileute nation today also.

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  1. If i could i would start my own business of a local vampire hunter. f**k you edward and jacob fans buffy is coming out to play. if i sparkled i would kill my self from being so gay! vamps might be real but not in this fantacy, the funny thing is that they made vampires seem like p**sys.

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        • damon salvatore says:

          what is bella’s special vampire skill she touches somebody and she can show them what’s in her head director bill condon told mtv condon also admitted that one of the most emotional scenes in part 2 is the one when [ chelsea’s dad ] mark meets vampire chelsea for the first time and the mark meets bella getting to play such a pivotal role in a legendary film has actress mackenzie foy feeling thrilled with her career choice. l love wverething about this business she says although her mom didn’t allow her to read any of the vampire diaries books and she’s d only seen the first two films of the saga mackenzie foy for the role of chelsea and damon’s half-vampire half-human daughter bella from what l was told l thought it would be a really cool character to play she l remember when the fourth book came out l did know that there was a baby in it but l never could have imagined that l would get the part mackenzie foy started out as bella riders brandan as a wolf schoolwork my mom

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    • after being wowed by four movies filled with sparkly vampires gigantic werewolves a showstopping wedding and one particularly graphic birth-ing scene twilight fans might be wondering if the saga’s final installment-breaking dawn part 2-still has the capacity to surprise. not worry twihards as soon as kristen becomes a vampire it changes the whole tone says robert pattinson. or as taylor lautner puts it the old chelsea was perfect awkward clumsy and relatable and now she transformed herself into this sleek sexy vampire l think the fans are going to be blown away even kristen stewart was taken aback by how turbocharged her character-who now has heightened senses animal-like agility and ground-has and the strength to wrestle a mountain lion to the ground-has become. you feel like wow l’m a sports car she says let’s break her in man. let’s see what she can do a red-eyed bloodthirsty chelsea is just one of many jaw-droppers in the film. there’s also an epic fight scene between the volturi and the salvatores who get a little backup from some exotic new vampires. lt’s ” an enormous battle says pattinson of the film’s climactic confrontation. you can’t really get bigger. and then of course there’s bella-chelsea and damon’s half-vampire half-human offsping who’s growing at an alarmingly acceleted rate and whose very existence has put the bloodsucker universe in an uproar. played by 19 years-old newcomer mackenzie foy [ see profile on page 30 ] bella also finds herself at the drama when brandan realizes that he’s imprinted on her-the werewolf version of being lifelong soulmates. the first scene l saw them together l literally could not stop laughing robert pattinson told entertainmet weekly of the oddball combo. but the brandan-bella paring adds yet another new aspect to the saga-at last the

      • josh francis says:

        i wish that they made a final movie and to make it epic

        • Anonymous says:

          I know right

        • Nika –You’re right.Dave –I thought about punttig up Distractions, but I figured that would be a little too heavy-handed. The tough thing though is that the entire Simple Things record always reminds me of Jayne, since I listened to little else when I was first living in NY and met her. It was the soundtrack to the city — and us.

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    • If you hate TWILIGHT why watch it
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      it is the best film ever made
      its a deeply seductive and irresistibly compelling, TWILIGHT is an extra-ordinary love story that stays with you long after you have turned the final page or seen the final moment
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    • I love u Edward(robert) I always wanted to have a loving boyfriend like u… whether he is a human or vampire
      ……I love Kristen toooooo u guys look great together ,u r my ideal model of love birds…..barsha

    • Anonymous says:

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  3. Victoria Setzer says:

    i have been looking for info about the whole thing about Vampires and Wearwolfs. i hope you can help me find real facts about this subjuct it means alot to myself and my family. thank you!

    Sincerily: Victoria Lynn Setzer

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. hey i want u all to send me3 things u want to be on twlight
    1. to be a star
    2.I would be a wolf to be warm
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  6. im trying to find facts about vampires and werewolfs also any websites?

  7. hello, my name is cheyenne im ten yers old im from ettenheim made in germany
    ich wollte eine sache sagen ich mag gern twilight ich liebe es aber ich wolte mehr sachen von die quileut wissen also bitte antwortet mir

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  9. i need more real facts about vampires an wolves says:
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  11. I love twilight I vote for Edward.

  12. yo pinsa q la pelicula de crepusculos y todas las de mas son muy interesante y los personajes edward y jacob son muy guapos pero me ago una pregunta edward y jacob seran vampoiro de verdad

  13. i very love twighlight it’s my favorite i like bella

  14. Anonymous says:

    do u expect me to read all of this all w i wanna to know if its true or not

  15. tiana ( tilly) says:

    Lads will ye shut the hell up edward is not gay edward is just lovely . And the only reason ye are calling him gay is because ye all no that is is way to nice for any body . GO TEAM EDWARD

  16. the twilight is the best !

  17. my life is s**t im only 16 so wat have i got to live for in this world ur born then u die wats the point i mean i love twilight its a very good saga but if i had a chose to live my boring life with my boring family or become a vampire and live with another family that are vampires then i chose that then ive got something to live for

    • OSHIN SAMUEL says:

      how r u now gud or bad?

    • um i dont actually say this but i drink blood for real and i have fangs

      • sexy hotty and babe says:

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  19. i love twilight. i love them ’cause of edward and jacob and bella they act as if everything was real. GO TEAM JACOB!!!! GO TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!! GO TEAM TWILIGHT!!!!!

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  21. EURIKA & JOHN PAUL says:

    i watch twilight every afternoon. its so nice.

    <3 i love robert pattinson<3
    (edward collen)

  22. These comments. Almost made me want to throw. I’m pretty sure these are just a bunch of ten year olds swearing and bad mouthing Twilight and haven’t actually seen any of the films. This is an information website, not Facebook. Nobody cares what you have to say about other people. And the spell on here is dreadful. How about instead of swearing every other word, you pick up a book and learn? Otherwise nobody will understand what you’re saying. I am a Twilight fan and I watch it everyday. I don’t care if you hate Edward because he sparkles. I don’t think anyone else cares either. So keep your stupid thoughts to yourself.

    • aiman bukhari says:

      same here i am a big fan of twilight too and i watch all its parts every day

    • R u guyz serious???? U watch twilight everyday??
      Itz a great movie and i love it but i hav watchd all 5 movies twice and i dont want myself to get bored of twilight by watching them ten times a month
      So grow up and be realistic
      Can suum1 giv me kristen stewart’s number????

      • sexy hotty and babe says:

        ARS i totaly agree its soooo impossible to watch a film over and over
        and never get bored.I <3 twilight too but i get bored sometimes and her num is not possible to give out because they dont want fans having their num they have their own life too which cannot be wasted on fans.They want privacy .BUT GOOD SPIRIT

  23. jesushela arig cruspero says:

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  26. Anonymous says:

    I do not believe in vampires, but it is still interesting to read about them. Like this comment if you agree. I hope that you all out there do not grow up to be ( SO VERY SORRY ) vampire believers. Vamps do not exist, only in the moves do they exist. I hope you at least have read Twilight by S.M. Loved it. Edward is the most handsome in the movie ( all ).

  27. ardiksatama says:

    i love twilight

  28. j’ai peure mais c’est en engler aider moi je croi que les venpire sont la parmi en moi
    j’ai regarder twlight il sont des venpire hahhahahahhahhahahha

  29. Lukista.A says:

    if vampires really exist???




  32. mrs.Jones says:

    ok this is odd for me but have you ever felt like some how you are different like non-human that is one thing in twilight that they don’t mention is the Celtic vampires the Celtics come originally from Ireland but migrate everywhere they can either suck your blood till your bones are dried or they can have nothing to do with you and go on for years with blood it doesn’t kill them because the Celtics are born just like humans are and are the original vampires or all vampires.

    • mrs.Jones says:

      plus those who are Celtic don’t say anything because the fear of the people around them and the humans soul would be in terror before even asking about who they survived all these years without dying

      • Anonymous says:


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  33. Quiero ser vampiro me encantaria aunque no se si soportar ir a lugares donde hay sangre

  34. Me gustaria ser vampiro solo por tener fuerza y ver las cosas mas de cerca

  35. agung prayogo says:

    my name agung and my like vampire

  36. agung prayogo says:

    voltury yes
    quileute no

  37. fuck all(call me the guy) says:

    hey every body what are u ageuing for you love twilight, he loves twilight she loves twilight,they love twilight,i love twilight, we all love the God dam movie the promblem is!!!!! This movie is not sessonall intressted movies like this are surppose to be sessonall, look at merline, seecker,smallvile,dackangel,angel and harry porter, they are intrested and the same and thesame time they are sessonall that is what am talking about do u get what am saying, misses writer and the producer pls am beging u to make that movie more longer so that ur fans we can enjor it. Big shout out to EDWARD CULLEN AND BELLA KEEP IT UP I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Anonymous says:

    If u don’t like twilight that is upto u but don’t start bragging about how much u despise it shut the f..k up about it

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  40. I love twilight so fuk off u imbread 🙂
    U r a scum bag if u hate twilight and should be hung with sharna henderson

  41. Anonymous says:


  42. i like the twilight sage all of them.

  43. sexy hotty and babe says:

    I fukin sexy but loves twilight

  44. sexy hotty and babe says:

    Fuk u buffy fans twilight is awesome

  45. Thank god that twilight was created

  46. hey all of u i love the twilight saga

  47. Max da vamp says:

    Hi I’m Max and I believe in vampires and I don’t care if people think I’m weird saying that I’m speaking my mind and btw I’m a chic

  48. Hi this is only for Bella I don’t know if she reads all this rubbish about her bu Bella I live in Pakistan and I wanted to ask u some questions as a privacy so please do contact me Guys Bellas Character was like this she wasn’t This is not compulsory what I say Bella please try to contact me please

  49. Not Telling Never Will says:

    Could u Plx stop swearing it isn’t Necessary
    I luv twilight And I like Rob,Kristen and Taylor.ect

  50. все вы ребятия

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