Quileute Legends of Vampires – Are The Cold Ones Real?

Quileute legends which are pronounced as quill-yoot legends are the stories that have passed to American Indian from the Quileute tribe. The Quileute myths have characters that bring up real shadowlike images in your mind when you read or hear them. Some of the characters from these myths are Q’waiti, Thunderbird, Raven and Dask’ija.

Quileute Legends Vampire

The Twilight book series explains the Quileute legend of “The Cold Ones”, which is written by Stephenie Meyer. Stephenie Meyer has made up this mythical quileute tale to incorporate vampires into her novel. She has actually added them in these book series; they were not the actual part of the Quileute Legend.  But if you leave out this made up part about vampires, all the other characters are from the real Quileute legends which are included in these Twilight Saga. The addition of these vampires, called The Cold Ones, have made these myths even more interesting for the readers.

In the Quileute folklore, it is told that Quileute Indians are descended from wolves. Quileute legends also suggest that a mythological human being, their creator, has three titles such as, The Transformer, The Changer and The Trickster. The first native of the Quileute tribe was created by this mythical creator or character called Dokibatt and K’wa’iti, this was the myth stated by Quileute. This creation story is explained beautifully in the Twilight book series. Initially there were six tribal societies namely, elk hunter, whale hunter, fisherman, medicine man and the weather predictor. The medicine man was the one who pleased the transmuter with the wolf dance.

The author of the Twilight book series has tried to be true to the actual Quileute folklore like the Breaking Dawn, New Moon, Twilight and the Eclipse but only the vampires referred to as “The Cold Ones” are the exception for this. After the book was published and then there was the release of the movie Twilight which also featured these vampires.

This book is based on the vision that the author saw about a young couple. In this dream the young man was a vampire while the young woman was a normal human being. The girl’s character is called Bella who leaves her mother and step father and starts living with her real father. When she joins school then she meets Edward who is as handsome boy who she later discovers is a vampire. In this book the relation between Bella and Edward is very believable and falls into place which gives the story a certain flow to it. The story of The Cold Ones is explained as one of the Quileute legends in the Twilight book series.

Today also the Quileute Nation is occupied by people who are decedents of the original tribe. The stories of the Quileute folklore are still alive and which makes them realize about their birth which was through a transformation of a wolf. You can read these stories related to The Cold Ones by reading the Twilight book series. You can also visit the real descendents of the people that are mentioned in the Quileute folklore by visiting the Quileute nation which is near la Push in Washington. You will be surprised to see that the Quileute legends are a major part of the Quileute nation today also.

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  1. dev singh says:

    Interest story

  2. dev singh says:

    I am also in Indiana I’m not a quileute but I am kick-a-poo from down south Texas I would

    • dev singh says:

      as the movie begins, I felt something in me that’s strange..and its makes me sick..i fell inlove with him.. edward cullen..

      this legal

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        R u a boy or girl cause Robert pattison is mine so is Taylor lautner

        • Noooooo way Taylor is so mine :-) hahahahahaha

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            your ALL wrong, Robert pattinson is married with kids and Taylor Launter is taken you sluts. God chill out!!! :)

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        you ar a boy why would you inlove with him

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      well u guys grow up if u are vampires u must never say it to a human if u want to suck their BLOOD .

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    Ti blad + pizda
    Ti stronzda

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    i love this book,but i don’t know whether should i believe it or not

  5. I love to b one

  6. Treeman1forman says:

    Idk if it’s true but if it is find me been dreaming of it for 30years

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  8. I’ve read twilight three times I love were wolfs and vampires I do think they could exist. Or maybe they did :-) I love Stephanie Meyers version of the were wolfs and vamps. Being friends in the end.

  9. oh no says:

    jacob might be a wolf and all hot and stuff but i have to admit vampires are wayyyyyy faster and can read minds and have powers

  10. Not all vampire reads minds my deAr ‘Oh No’. The one who read minds in the twilight saga is edward cullen alone. And i bet wolves are wAy far more faster than vampires according to the story. Poor vampires.

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      actually vampires are way faster and have powers like alice, Edward, jasper and more

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        not way faster u idiot

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      aro can read minds, too.

  11. Tbh i actually hate robert, kristen and taylor lautner… I mean all the casts in the movie! But i i somwhat love the characters of edward in the story, so jake’s too.

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    I love Jacob.:-X Don’t tell him please.

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    I think wolves are better like Jacob Black on twilight.

  14. I love robert pattionson also knwn as edward Cullen

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    I dont care what u all say I love twilight I have all the books would be nice if they made one more film

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    first of all none of you people know how to spell and second of all I love Jacob and Edward both it is so hard for me to decide what team to choose because Jacob is warm, friendly, sexy, muscular, and tan.. but Edward is a vampire which is super cool and he has powers and he is beautiful and sexy… but it would be cool if vampires and wolves were real but they did not hurt or kill people. I would love to meet a sexy vampire and fall in love so I could be a vampire because I would love to be one. it would be so fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!! I also wish I was Bella because she is so fucking lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Osam movie

  19. divya says:

    the film was very v v v v nice.

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    I want to meet a sweet vampire

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    Awsome twilight series…..jst lv thm..

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    alguien me puede desir la pagina real quero saver todo este mito plisssssssssssssssssssssssssssss gracias si

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    hey guys grow up, do you really think ribert pattinson and taylor lautner would love ordinary and simple poeple like us? you may consider yourselves as fans, but not lovers. as for me, i love the BOOK!

    • correct says:

      Very true.however people go mad over celebrities.if u think about it your going mad over another human being. Its a little weird

  25. angelica fernandez says:

    i love the twilight saga. it’s awesome. my geography teacher like i too. did i mention he is in love with kristen stewart. he even has a wallpaper of kristen stewart in his mobile. totally cool. love u robsten.

  26. Kashopia Pelayo says:

    For me things is to be vampire … I like twilight the fist thing i so the movei i watch it for many times all the epesode i wacht is the best and romantic … How to become one of them … If theres a way to become one of them i do my best to do it….. I admire vampire. If u know somrthing how to be just contact me in in facebook hehehe… Kashopia jacz pelayo……

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    i m student i like it

    • Beyza says:

      Please, enough alaerdy with all the overload on the vampire stories. I pick up a book and put it right back on the self if it is about another blood sucker story.Would love to read more books about other planets and alien romances. Gena Showalter has written some kick ass great stories along those lines. Want to see more like that.

  28. I’m neither Jacob or Edward. I LUV Quill!

  29. juliette says:

    I really want to be in a movie like twilight I am only 8 tho

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    i always wanted to be a cold one do you know how to find one?

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    Intresting characters

  32. Armani Thomas says:

    omg im inlove with the twilight movies i watch it over and over and over again im team both lol sick abs jacob and not trying to get people cussing at me ok so calm down its my opinion im inlove with the cullin family immpressed with the doctor and inlove with emit, jasper, edward, and carlil thankyou so much for making a encreadible movie bella and edward are so perfect together

  33. lola tshuma says:

    Jst so complicated but anyway robert pattinson just wish to be a vampire
    but were do I start to be the cold one

  34. stacey says:

    why is everyone being bitchs,twilight is good if you don’t like it then get over it its not like it conerens u is it NO, didn’t thinks so, let people have a option, if they like it then that’s there choice, if you don’t like it then that’s your problem.i think I have a point.everyone should say what they thinkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Real vampire says:

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  36. danitza says:

    The Cold Ones Legends

  37. bug 88 says:

    They are ACTORS you people need to read the book called the HOLY BIBLE for a change if God wanted vampires in his world then he would have put them here so just GROW UP ALREADY the Twilight saga is just fiction

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    You all need to watch your mouths on here because children do read this stuff

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  43. mark says:

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    The twilight move is the best and i am soooooo loving Bella Swan she is so a great aktess o by the way the akteress that plays the role of bella is the same akteress in Snow White and the Husmen.

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    Batty face

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    me too, dude. I can’t even understand what half of these people are saying because their spelling is so fucking bad!!

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    I love twilight really good movie

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    People like u all fighting over characters are fukin stupid

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